This Valentine’s Meet IndiaMART’s Sweethearts!

Couples who work together, grow together. Although working along comes replete with its own share of magic moments and challenges, we spoke to three couples who are either currently working or have worked before in different verticals of IndiaMART to know their stories up-close-personal. Let us take you through their journeys as the couples-cum-colleagues share their love stories with us. 

A Shubharambh destined at IndiaMART

These words served as an alarm by Sanjana Goel’s parents when she first apprised them of her feelings for Rohal Goel. The duo met during IndiaMART’s Induction Program (Shubharambh) in July 2018. What took off as a casual friendship between three colleagues during the induction program, paved the way for Rohan and Sanjana to see each other without any filters. The mutual admiration grew in the following months, and so did their fondness for long conversations, shared lunches, and outings together. On what you can call their first date at the Rail Museum in September 2018, the duo realized there was something more to their relationship than just being friends. Without wasting any more time, Rohan proposed Sanjana in October 2018. The answer was an ear to ear smile on bubbly Sanjana, followed by a burst of hearty laughter filling the air, where words were not paramount to convey, Te Amo! 

“By the time it was the end of the year, we were clear we are going to be together,” reveals Rohan. In February 2019, they broke the news to their families. While everything was calm at Rohan’s home, back in Meerut, Sanjana’s family was in for a shock as stereotypes often ruin the first impressions of Delhi boys. Sanjana tried to convince that Rohan was different, and through an acquaintance validating the initial doubts of her parents,  the couple got married in April 2019 and will be celebrating their first anniversary on 25th April 2020.

For Rohan and Sanjana, they were destined to be together, and IndiaMART became the destination where they would first meet. Their courtship period at the company is a time they’ll cherish forever. Rohan feels that everyone around could see love blooming between them, even before they figured out themselves. He shared a funny incident when he went to Sanjana’s floor looking for someone else, and one of his colleagues pointed to Sanjana’s seat and directed Rohan, “she sits there!”

Discovering the other side of you!!!

Niraj Kumar Katiyar and Shobhna Verma, from Team Marketplace, got married in 2009. While Niraj joined IndiaMART in 2011, Shobhna joined the team in 2013 when Niraj figured out an opening that matched her profile. With long commuting hours, life in a metro often limits family time. Niraj envisioned that it would be great working together in the same organization as the couple would be able to spend more time with each other. Since then, while life became easier working together at IndiaMART and the couple has all positive things to say about their decision, it is a beautiful moment during an offsite Bootcamp in 2013 that’s etched in Niraj’s memory. 

He shares that as a couple, you tend to create a certain persona about your other half. However, there’s more to each person, especially in different settings. He discovered this different facet in Shobhna while she was dancing in the Bootcamp, utterly unaware that the cupid can strike again even after four years of marriage. Niraj calls it a magical moment and loved every part of being on stage that night with his wife, partner, friend, and colleague, Shobhna!

“It’s a different feeling altogether when you discover an unseen element of your spouse,” states Niraj, “it’s like falling in love with the same person, all over again!” he quips. 

Today as they commute to work and take breaks together, Shobhna says that the constant strife to strike work-life balance has eased, and their personal bond has strengthened over the past seven years. For Niraj, there is no difference between the home or office. “There’s a sense of positivity all around. Sab hamara hi hai, it looks like a family,” he concludes.

Separating Personal & Professional Life while ensuring We-Time!

Holding the family tradition close to their hearts, Sudhanshu Kumar Tiwari and Shobha Tiwari stay in a joint family of three brothers, and the family elders. Their relationship is a perfect example of the adage that says, ‘marriages are made in heaven,’ and your soulmate finds a way in your life. On 9th February 2008, Sudhanshu got the news that his would-be wife has been chosen, and their wedding is fixed for 8th June 2008. Elated as well as curious, Sudhanshu connected with Shobha over a phone call and was love struck by hearing her voice. “I was mesmerized to hear her voice and could imagine her face. That was the moment when I realized it was the time to settle down,” shares an otherwise shy Sudhanshu.

The couple had to deal with outmoded challenges like the dowry system when Sudhanshu took a stand and asked his family to move over such practices. Hailing from a nuclear family, Shobha did take her time to adapt to a large familial setup. She found unparalleled support in her husband, who encouraged her to start working to keep herself occupied and stay positive in life. He came across the post of a Design-Coordinator at IndiaMART and asked Shobha to apply. Shobha cleared the interview and joined the organization. 

The duo chose to walk a thin line and keep their personal and professional lives separate. They prefer to take breaks separately with their respective teams and avoid personal interactions during work hours. On the other hand, they love working together because it gives them the much-needed we-time while traveling to work every day, during office parties, and common fun-activities across verticals during contests. 

Sudhanshu shares that they have a better understanding of each other’s mood at any given day because they understand their shared office culture, priorities, timelines, as well as challenges. “We share challenges and give suggestions, to keep each other motivated. Office ke challenges ka frustration, ghar pe nahi nikalta,” he laughs.

While the common notion goes that working together can bring in boredom amongst couples, these IndiaMART couples shun the stereotypes and assert that couples who work together, grow together as life partners. They nurture emotional support in their relationship as they understand each other’s challenges, aspirations and career goals better than others.

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