How Noida’s leading Maternity Care Hospital transformed digitally through IndiaMART!

A day in the life of a Purchase Lead hovers around developing a strategic vendor portfolio, procure quality goods at competitive prices, and fill requirements in the shortest delivery times possible. It was 11:05 am on 6th December 2019, when the first person to walk-in at the IndiaMART Buyer’s Meet 2019 was Rohit – a Purchase Manager at Cloudnine Hospitals, Noida. 

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Sitting silently as others joined, we got a chance to know the buyer’s journey of this young and insightful executive, who also happens to be Cloudnine’s digital transformer. 

Some excerpts, insights, and tips shared by this young manager showcase his deep involvement with the IndiaMART platform:

“Genuine Products, Reliable Suppliers”

The Buyer Connect @IndiaMART

Rohit searched for B2B marketplaces on Google and came across IndiaMART, a few years back,  to procure medical consumables, printing material, and electronic equipment, amongst other requirements. Since then, he has made a significant shift from offline sourcing to online procurement. The reason behind his digital shift is mainly due to competitive rates that he gets from genuine online suppliers who deliver quality products within the designated timelines. 

“Shoo away Saturation”

Rohit shared that with offline vendors, a laidback attitude sets in due course of time. The deliveries and commitments take a hit and are generally put on a backburner with permanent vendors. While, with online supply partners, competition keeps suppliers on their toes to meet the timelines, not just the first-time, but every-time. As per Rohit, the vendors he’s met through online marketplace understand timelines better, as they know they are always replaceable if they don’t deliver on time.

“Faster connect, despite larger distance”

Cloudnine has a PAN India presence, and Rohit heads the procurement for the North zone. With facilities located in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and Noida, it is not always feasible for him to source items by connecting with local vendors offline. Yet, local vendors are an important link in the supply chain. Rohit elaborates on how IndiaMART makes it easy to connect with far-fledged local vendors in a few hours and get things going the same day. He shares that, “placing requirement online through IndiaMART does away with the need to step out of office, yet completes tasks on time.” 

Rohit adds that within two to three hours of posting a requirement online, he is contacted by genuine local suppliers who can meet the demand precisely and deliver goods. Negotiations take place with ease, and contracts are sealed transparently. The whole process builds management’s confidence and helps him make data-driven purchase decisions.

Rohit with the IndiaMART Team

“Better Prices, More Savings”

Getting quotations from a variety of suppliers helped Rohit reduce costs for various departments and strengthened his decision to go digital for procurement for Cloudnine Hospitals. The competitive rates of each quotation also aided him in negotiating the pricing with his existing vendors. Getting quality products sourced at the best price within timelines is the Holy grail for every Purchase Manager, and Rohit seems to have attained it.

“Wide range, all at one place”

Rohit also points out that he can source a wide variety of products on a single platform with IndiaMART. A wide range of products has helped him procure alternative products that have added value to the inventory system. 

In the words of Rohit, “IndiaMART is a search platform that connects suppliers from PAN India,” which has made life easy for Zonal Purchase Managers like him.

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