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Conceptualised by WATConsult and taken forward by Interactive Avenues, the ‘Bada Aasaan Hai’ campaign focuses on new-age buyers and suppliers who demand a hassle-free and convenient platform that will help them scale their business easily

IndiaMart, the online marketplace, has rolled out its new brand promise with the core message as ‘Bada Aasaan Hai’.

From being a functional platform with the tagline “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai”, now the brand is set on a journey to bring in ease in doing business and to show how easily offline businesses can scale themselves using an easy-to-use online platform.

Sumit Bedi, Vice-President, Marketing & CX at IndiaMart, said, “IndiaMart’s new brand promise ‘Bada Aasaan Hai’ clearly resonates with the way the brand has functioned over the last two decades and is aligned with our long-term mission to make doing business easy for the millions of businesses by providing them tech-enabled, easy and cost-effective solutions. We have just scratched the surface; there is a huge scope for business inclusion which will only be possible by encouraging digital adoption within the SME sector.”

The refreshed brand identity runs across multiple layers. While the tagline clearly states that IndiaMart as a platform is “Bada Aasaan”, which makes doing business easy, it also plays on the right strings which state that with IndiaMart it is now easier for both the buyers and the suppliers to expand their business, ‘Bada banna bhi bada aasaan hai!’. IndiaMart, with this, wants to establish itself as a brand that is synonymous to the concept of ease of use.

Bedi added, “The heroes of this campaign are the small businesses that are the backbone of the Indian economy. The brand film seeks to reinforce IndiaMart as the ultimate destination that brings in ease in doing business and shows how easily offline businesses can scale themselves using an easy to use online platform.”

The brand has shifted from making a celebrity the face of the campaign, which they had done previously in “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai” launched in 2014 when their primary objective was to grow the brand awareness among the masses.

Conceptualised by WATConsult, and then taken forward by Interactive Avenues, the initiative is set to use digital portals and a mix of social media. It primarily focuses on the new-age buyers and suppliers, who demand a hassle-free, simple, and convenient platform that will help them scale their business easily.

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult, said, “We wanted to take the brand’s philosophy of providing a convenient and a faster online trading marketplace, ahead with a new yet convincing thought. Also, considering the fact that the brand targets a mixed set of audiences including traditionalists, new-age entrepreneurs, CEOs and CXOs and employees, ‘Bada Aasaan hai’ perfectly fits with the brand’s easy-to-use interface and the legacy of helping businesses reach the top. It was our pleasure to assist IndiaMart in their new proposition.”

The campaign is centred around a brand film created by Interactive Avenues, that tells the story of an aspiring candle maker and a wedding planner, a story many businesses will be able to resonate with. The scene opens with a couple making candles in their house with the hope of getting in touch with the right buyers and setting up a well-established business one day.

The film then goes on to show a wedding planner receiving a gift request from one of his clients. Upon receiving the request, he uses the IndiaMart platform to look for a supplier and stumbles upon the candle-making couple, who accepts the order and delivers it on time. The film ends with a scene that shows that both the wedding planner and the candle supplier in a well-established settlement.

The underlying current of the film tried to show that not only was it easy for the buyer who is the wedding planner to look for a relevant supplier quickly, it was also easy for the supplier to expand his newly established business using IndiaMart.

The film seeks to reinforce IndiaMart as the ultimate destination for the buyers and the suppliers to easily expand their business by using an easy platform.

The TVC:

Client: IndiaMart
Agency: Interactive Avenues
Production House: Faraway Collective
Executive Director: Rishab Malhotra
DOP: Arnold Fernandes
Director: Shakti Raj Singh Jadeja

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