Life of a Product Manager at IndiaMART

12 months, 50,000 kilometers, 15 cities, 8 treks, 3 products, 2 awards, 1 man– Mohit Gupta, Assistant Product Manager, IndiaMART!

For most of his batch-mates and seniors, life got curbed between the 9-6 hectic corporate job routine. But, he had different plans. Here’s a story on Mohit Gupta, a product manager who wanders but is not lost.

“After getting placed at IndiaMART in Sept. 2016, I decided to put on my wandering shoes (which is also my Instagram handle) along with my formals 😉 And before joining the company in June 2017, I had already completed 24 trips in 10 months. So, not only did I wear my wandering shoes but they were also fitting me well and I didn’t want to put them off. Thankfully, I didn’t have to! In fact, I had never imagined that I would actually share some of my fondest travel memories with my managers and my team or share the tales from my workplace with the locals of some distant mountains. In the past 12 months that I have been with IndiaMART, I think I have done it all. From hitch-hiking on a truck to Spiti to managing millions of buyers on IndiaMART, from backpacking across Kerala and Rajasthan to creating marketing strategies, from leading a team through the most difficult of treks to creating reports, from conquering over multiple peaks like Kauri Pass and Hampta pass to being awarded the Emerging Star and Best Performer at work. What else do I do? My organisation was open to the idea of me working with a travel startup called JustWravel as a trek lead. I have led 8 trips including a 9 day trip to Spiti and have led people across age groups from 5 years to a woman of 53 years. Well, Chitkul, India’s last village is my second home and if you want we can catch up on this Friday for a cup of tea enjoying the most beautiful sunset. Thankfully, I don’t have to bear the scars of a corporate life or my name just be limited to a plastic debit card. I have left my footprints on the highest of mountains and deepest of oceans while balancing my work. Guess, those who said there is nothing like work life balance, didn’t work at IndiaMART.”

We talk about going places and Mohit you have literally gone! Keep on those wandering shoes and we are sure you will have the world under your feet.

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