Thank you, family!

Dear All,

As IndiaMART enters the 23rd year, I would like to thank you all for your constant support. When we started IndiaMART in 1996, it was a small set up with a 5 member team. Today, we are a large family of more than 3500 members and the best part is that our strength is not someone or somebody, but we ourselves – the family of IndiaMART.

When IndiaMART was started, Brijesh and I, we were salesmen by the day and developers by the night. We were the admin, we were the marketing, finance, HR and every function that you can think of. In the last 22 years, we have changed our business models and processes multiple times. So believe me, I still share that childlike excitement you feel for that every sale that you close, I still feel the pain of every ticket that has to be resolved, I still feel the pat on my back when you get a big brand on-board, I still know the effort that goes in creating a new product, I am also under pressure when your decision can make or break a situation.

What I also know is if we have to scale and become larger than what we already are, the largest online marketplace in India, then it’s not the 50 year old me who will take it forward but the young and creative you. It’s going to be your energy and ideas.

I firmly believe that an organisation is defined by its values and culture. And, our close knit relationships and our culture to take care have made it easier for us to achieve our goals, always. We have a habit to take care of our buyers, sellers and of each other. When 10 team members stand to donate one unit of blood and when we don’t think before helping one of our members in times of even their personal needs; it is this culture of ours that has made IndiaMART what it is today and what would help us make IndiaMART the company of our dreams.

And, dreams are made of smaller goals. In 1996 our goal was to somehow get that first client, then it was 1,000 customers then 10,000 then 1Lakh and now it’s creating a Rs 1,000 Crore company. Believe me, we are going to achieve it. My confidence doubles when I see this video. I feel the same excitement and craze in you as I had when I left my job in America and came back to India. After all, not everyone can think of replacing their CEO in the next 2 years. 🙂 That’s only the spirit of IndiaMART.

I am thankful to you all because just like family – you came, you saw my dreams and you made them your mission. And, I feel so proud that today you are creating your own missions.

Thanks for everything and believe me this is just the beginning. Our greatest achievements are yet to come.

So congratulations on this one and let’s brace ourselves for the future.

Warm Regards,




Dinesh Agarwal
Founder & CEO

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