I am high on IndiaMART

I became independent very early in life. I have 4 sisters and they had to be married. I knew if I had to study I will have to manage it on my own. So, while I was pursuing my B.Sc., I started to work as a sales guy for HP Laptops. That was my first sale. I am Shashank Singh, AM Client Acquisition and the funniest guy at the Sector 63 branch of IndiaMART.

It’s an addiction, you can’t have just one!

My previous office was located in the same building as IndiaMART. One day somebody told me about IndiaMART at the Chai Point outside the building. I just walked in and asked if there was an opening. I gave the interview and got selected.  And since then, I have never looked back. I joined on Jan 25, 2016 and did my first sale on the last day of my OJT. It was a Sunday morning; I had gone to purchase a belt. It might sound crazy but I ended up telling the shopkeeper about IndiaMART and why he should list himself on the platform. To my surprise, he got convinced and handed over a cheque of Rs 5000. I called up my then manager and got to know that we didn’t accept the bank. After 25 min, I had a cheque of Rs 25,000 in my hand. That was my first sale at IndiaMART. I have done almost 90 sales since then and the feeling is still amazing. Every sale inspires me to do more sales. It’s an addiction, you can’t have just one!

Cold is the new hot!

I believe in cold calling more than hot leads. There is a charm in converting a tough client. Whenever I visit a client for a meeting, I just walk-in to the nearby offices also. Many times I get kicked out, sometimes people offer to listen but I wait for that one person who falls for my bait. And when that happens, you can’t imagine the feeling.

My dreams are riding in the 5th Gear

I have just purchased my first car, Amaze. It’s a gift for my father. The lucrative incentive scheme at IndiaMART has allowed me to take this step towards my dreams.  Next I want to have a home of my own.  I am sure it will happen in the next year. There is a long way to go and my next destination is Goa. Yes! I am the winner of the Go Goa contest.

 I am IndiaMART

I feel I belong to the IndiaMART family. And why not, IndiaMART has been there whenever I needed a family. My father had a heart attack 5 months after I joined IndiaMART. Ideally, I wasn’t eligible for a loan. I spoke to Vikas Aggarwal directly. He sanctioned the loan within 20 minutes and the required amount was transferred to my account next morning. The transparency and the freedom to speak to anyone at any point of time are amazing.

Miles to go…

I have seen everything here – success, failure, appreciation, disappointment but what keeps me going is that next sale. Whenever I feel that my performance is going down, I just set a target for myself and write it on the board beside my desk. This motivates me. Unlike most people in my field, I don’t smoke to keep myself awake, I am always high on IndiaMART.