Inside IndiaMART Board Room: Detox & De-stress

‘Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve’ – at IndiaMART, we have always followed this at work. But this time we thought to take this a step ahead and follow this for our body. So the IndiaMART management team decided to change the dynamics of the board room by detoxifying their bodies through InnerChef’s Pure+. As Rajesh Sawhney calls it ‘This happens to be the first detox board meeting!’ and then he filled our cafeteria with all the healthy stuff. 😉

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“It was Rajesh’s idea and we thought it can’t get better than this. So all of us decided to follow InnerChef’s detox plan for a day. After all, our busy corporate life doesn’t allow us to do much for our health,” said Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO IndiaMART while sipping his Cleanse+ Watermelon & Mint Juice.
Rajesh Sawhney, a board member with IndiaMART and the co-founder of InnerChef said, “The detox plan is carefully crafted by our team and helps to reboot and revive an over-worked body. We are all so busy that we often forget to think about our body. A Pure+ meal helps in doing just that. I plan to take this to other organisations also.”
A board meeting is generally thought to be monotonous but today our management tried to reinvent it by revisiting their daily routine and changing it for something healthy.
We caught our Co-founder & Director, Brijesh munching a bar and when we reminded him about the resolution he had taken in the morning, he just laughed and said “Oh! I am on my cheat diet. I thought it’s going to be a tough day ahead but now I feel we all should do it more often. The best part is that they have taken care of my cravings too. So, while I might not be able to have sweets, I have this healthy granula bar. It’s a good feeling and I think everyone should press the reset button once in a while to revive their body system.”
At the end of the day, it looked like with the detox diet our board members had a de-stressed meeting today as everybody walked out with happy and healthy faces.

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