IndiaMART launches #CarryTheLegacy campaign this Father’s day

A unique initiative that celebrates a father’s legacy across generations

New Delhi, June 16, 2016: – IndiaMART, India’s largest online marketplace that connects buyers with suppliers, announces an exclusive digital campaign ‘#CarryTheLegacy’, celebrating the occasion of Father’s Day. The campaign is a reflection of successive generations carrying on their father’s legacy and inheriting the responsibilities of their business from the Head of the Family.

Treading that line of thought, the company has collaborated with Bang in the Middle to launch the campaign via a one minute short film that is intended to celebrate and acknowledge every father who works hard to ensure a better future for his children.

The short film thoughtfully captures the sincerity and commitment of fathers across India, who built successful businesses on their own terms and proudly hands over the reins of their enterprise to the next generation. The scenes profoundly establish a father’s affection towards his children through those popular ‘Hari, Mehta, or Aziz & sons/daughters’ signboards. Showcasing the father-child bond, the video depicts how these duos work together to build a greater enterprise which carries their family name. Shot across various brick and mortar marketplaces, the campaign hopes to strike a chord with the audience and make them realize the importance of their father in their lives.

Commenting on this campaign, Sumit Bedi, VP – Marketing, IndiaMART said, “Bearing in mind that almost 90% businesses in India are family owned, one can only imagine the hard work and labor that one goes through in setting up a business and earn reputation to their names in the society. People trust these businesses because of that name on the door and that name is more than just a business brand – it’s a legacy, passed down from one generation to the other. It’s what a father hopes for his heir to inherit and then build on. With this as a background, we decided to launch this unique campaign to celebrate these fathers, who have conquered the world through sheer hard work and dedication.”

Adding his bit, Anirban Sen, Executive Creative Director, BITM said, “Whatever a father acquires in his life, it is always for his children. The same goes for whatever he builds and creates. Be it a home or business, the vision is always passing these down to his kids. Since we generally see signboards relaying names such as Mehta and Sons, Aggarwal and Sons, Singh and Sons everywhere, it gave us an idea to create a campaign that would make a nice, moving testimony of a father’s hard work and dedication being passed down through generations.”

The video release marks the launch of a digital campaign which is scheduled to be launched this Friday, i.e., 17th June 2016 and will run across multiple social network and online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, IndiaMART will also unveil interesting contests and activities to amplify this initiative.

About IndiaMART
IndiaMART is India’s largest online marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. The company offers a platform and tools to over 26 million buyers to search from over 33 million products and get connected with over 2.2 million reliable and competitive suppliers. Founded in 1996, the company’s mission is ‘to make doing business, easy’. The company has over 3100 employees located across 55+ offices in the country. Its existing investors include Intel Capital, Amadeus Capital, WestBridge Capital & Quona Capital.