When IndiaMART Was Taken Over by Little Santas!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way,
Little Santas Are Coming To Town
To Make It A Special Day!!

They say Christmas is the festival of love, joy and happiness. Rightly so, the IndiaMART Family spread love this Christmas as it invited the little ones of all its employees to come celebrate this occasion in a way never done before!

Quite certainly, a funfilled day with the kids in the office proved to be much more joyous than a boring holiday under the blanket at home. From magic shows and quizzes to interactive sessions with the senior members of the organization, the day had all the ingredients to make it a perfect one!

It all started in the morning, when a few people thought that the kids had mistaken a corporate premises to be their school, only to realise that these kids were a part of the gala Christmas celebrations at IndiaMART. Little Santas had taken over the office. All of it.
You could no longer see a team huddle deciding the plan of action for the coming week, instead there were bunches of happy kids spreading smiles all around.

Kids Day

The little kids made IndiaMART look like Santa’s hometown.

Kids Day2

Red was definitely the color of the day!!

Kids Day3

All kids had the company of Chota Bheem, Doremon and Mr.Jaadugar to make the day even more exciting!!

Kids Day4

Not only Kids, even their parents boasted of big, wide smiles!

Kids Day5

The teens got a hands on learning experience as the senior management gave then various insights on a wide array of topics.

They say ‘A happy and hardworking employee leads to a successful company!’ ,but many fail to notice the contribution of the families of these employees behind all the hardwork. From extended working hours to cancelled picnic plans, they bear it all. IndiaMART left no stone unturned as it made sure that its employees and their families have a Christmas that they’ll remember for a long long time.

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