Work, Fun & Dandiya Fiesta Hits the IM stage!

The festive mood is in the air! Come October and we are all geared up for the series of festivals, one after the other. The IndiaMART family joyfully comes together and celebrates them all. Well, the Navratri is upon us and it was time to groove with the rhythm of Dandiya Evening…

This festival, originated from its roots in Gujarat, is enjoyed and lived fully by people with religions of different feathers.

Most of us were excited and all dressed up for the occasion – colourful ethnic attires was the dress code that was followed. The vibrance and energy was evidently visible in the office. The dandiya sticks were placed, awaiting the people to come and play.


All eyes were on the clock…waiting for it to strike 4 pm. And as soon as it happened, the lifts immediately got crowded. Employees from all the three floors (4th floor, 7th floor and 8th floor) rushed downstairs to grab hold of the dandiya sticks and dance. And yes, the fun began….

Along with Dandiya dhoom, there were different stalls for snacks and refreshments where special Navratri Food was served.

The dancing evening lasted till 6 PM. Crowd still wanted more. But, as they say, all good things come to an end, perhaps for the other good things to start…

So, the evening culminated into a fuel of laughter and enjoyment. What marks out dandiya from the rest is truly the scope it offers for togetherness. The clattering of sticks on the mesmerizing beats of dandiya electrified the whole atmosphere and brought happiness all around.

‘Some people dance to remember and some dance to forget’. Indeed, it looked like a blissful evening amongst the IndiaMART folks.

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