Rami International – Achieving a Rising Growth Curve with IndiaMART

Parthesh Thakkar & Vijay Dhandukia,
Owners, Rami International

‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’

Such is the story of Parthesh Thakkar & Vijay Dhandukia, Owners, Rami International, who first met while pursuing their higher studies and then went on to become successful business partners. While working on a college project on Cashew Processing, the two realised the immense potential that this industry offered (especially in the state of Gujarat), and then soon devised a business plan around it.

It wasn’t long before they started reaping good results. “Today, apart from Gujarat, we operate in seven other states”, says Vijay Dhandukia, proudly.

Rami International, situated in Jetalpur (a small village near Ahmedabad), came into association with IndiaMART three years ago, when they first availed the Catalog services that the platform offered. “We would easily receive 30-50 enquiries every month”, says Dhandukia. Owing to the brilliant response, they soon upgraded their package to ‘Leading Suppliers’. They would now receive five times the enquiries that they used to receive earlier, ie, minimum 200-250 enquiries per month.

Dhandukia added, “Surprisingly, even people from small regions are posting enquiries through the IndiaMART Mobile App.” The ease of doing business that the mobile app offers has left them quite amazed.

The company now forecasts an increase of 50% in their turnover over last year and credits IndiaMART for the rising growth curve.

“We want our association with IndiaMART to continue for many more years to come, kyunki kaam yahin banta hai!”

– Another Happy Customer!

IndiaMART Customer Care