Go desi!

The Statesman

The biggies of e-commerce companies are making a killing by deploying vernacular tag lines in advertisements to reach out to customers. Touching the right chords in viewers, quirky tag lines such as Kaam yahi banta hai (IndiaMART) and OLX – Pe Bech De say it all. These kinky taglines have added spice to ambush marketing and that is where these offbeat ads come into the picture.

Hindi is the language of choice for short and catchy paraphrases aimed at grabbing instant attention. These desi taglines are manifestation of their brand promise and have closely and clearly aligned with them and e-commerce companies make a lingo leap with them.

Sumit Bedi, vice-president, marketing, IndiaMART said, “With a significant increase in Internet penetration, a new set of users have come online who prefer vernacular content. At IndiaIndiaMART, we target SMEs who prefer to communicate in vernacular medium, rather than English. Being an Indian brand, targeting Indian users primarily, desi tagline is the best approach. It helps a brand get closer to the users and communicate in a language that is best understood by the majority in a particular region.”

IndiaMART had translated these taglines into Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi versions for their regional markets. All the translations for the local campaigns are done by the local voice over artists to get the native touch. “The target audience for e-commerce companies has expanded over a period of time, and the Hindi taglines have proved to be more impactful than others, as it helps the brand stand out with its unique attributes,” Bedi added further.

He also said Hindi taglines definitely help to establish a connection with the consumer and help in generating more awareness among a larger audience. “A desi tagline also helps the brand get closer to masses, as they can easily relate to it,” he added.

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