Of Philosophy, Ideals and More… Happy Teacher’s Day!

‘He is a friend, he is family and your guide.
He is the one to take you through rough patches of life, he is the one to engender confidence.
He is the one who knows the way, shows the way, goes the way, and leads through the way’

Yes,here comes an occasion to raise a toast to all who have contributed to make us what we are.
Life is a journey, where learning does not stop in a classroom, but continues till our last breath. As they say – ‘Rome wasn’t built in day’, and so is our disposition. Time and again, we meet different teachers who nurture us to pave out our life and develop a better entity out of us.

Similarly, if we retrospect, each one of us can quote different instances and people in our work life, who have entrenched us with knowledge and put an impression in our lives.

At IndiaMART, the policy is not to work with a cookie cutter approach, but to constantly work towards training and enhancing learning skills of its folks. Surprised much? Let’s take a look below:

L & D

IndiaMART, as a 19 year old, is equipped with a pool of industry veterans. Most of us turn to them when in doubt. Well of course, it’s worth taking a tip from the professional cognoscenti! Under their guidance, the team has grown… into India’s largest online marketplace. And this Teacher’s Day, it was time to let them know.

The employees at IndiaMART presented their mentors at the work place with a special card, sharing some good learning moments with the respective bosses/trainers. The activity accentuated the flavour of bonding amongst the managers and their sub, even inter-departments.

Here are some special flashes of the Teacher’s Day endeavor:-

Teachers'Day Pic 1

Teachers'Day Pic 2

Together we stand, divided we fall!!

teachers' Day pic 3

Every moment becomes worth cherishing and capturing when such little things of life are celebrated together
….ahh, even at your work place!

Kudos to all the teachers!
Happy Teacher’s Day!

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