Ladies and Gentlemen, Take 1! Take2! Here we give you…the new, spectacular IndiaMART Dubsmashers…

Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!
Jaa simran jaa, jeele apni zindagi!
Mai koi mandir ka ghanta hoon jo har koi baja jaata hai!

Yes! This virulent strain of Dubsmash fever has caught people in IndiaMART too. What an exciting sight it was, when the employees of IndiaMART unleashed their feisty sides, with varying emotions while mouthing off some of cinema’s best known dialogues.
This lip-syncing mobile application, swayed all the folks here at IndiaMART too by a storm of excitement with its innovative contest, titled as ‘What The Dub’. The contest revolves around this idea of dubbing the lines of famous artists/actors.

What an overwhelming response, with participants’ videos pouring in from all over the branches, this Dub club encouraged a free flow of drama and creativity.
Taking inspiration from “Gabbar”; “Babu Rao”, “Teja Bhai” and many more, an exclusive Dubsmash Dugout was set up in the office in Noida. From flashy glasses to colourful wigs and hats, the prop centre added an element of unprecedented humor to the Dubsmash Videos.
It may sound a tad lofty, but this activity tickled all around with laughter and hoopla.

To add a cherry on the top, a mashup video was created to capture different nuances of theatrical skills showcased by the participants.As expected, the entire office was in a frenzy that day. This contagious play pulled the madness from all desks of the office, with the – We work hard play harder- spirit.
He, who is a leader, will lead in every path. Such was the case with Dinesh Aggarwal, who added a flavour to this activity with his own theatrical demonstrations.
This evocative activity, after our bombastic success of selfie fever, stirred the entire atmosphere and the energy is well reflected in the mashup video when you scroll down. Chock-full of fun, frolic and entertainment, here we raise a toast to the enthusiastic stalwarts of Indiamart.

So click on the link below to experience 2 minutes of sheer madness!!

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