A Healthier Environment, A Happier You!

Dazzling innovations and dramatic fluctuations is what that is depicting the unprecedented predicament of this beautiful poetry of earth.

Do we ever fathom that the environment degradation led by us is resulting in slashing life expectancy to an unimaginable limit. Do we ever think to partake and take the responsibility to compensate at least, if not saving the entire damage already made?

Well, it all starts with an individual action, which leads to collective power…and then translates to exponential impact!

Understanding this need to intensify and raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the environment healthy and responsible management of the planet’s natural resources.

Starting from the start..someone has very rightly said- “If a child is born, plant a tree; if he stands up, plant a tree; if he goes to school; he gets married; if somebody dies, plant a tree. Just find an excuse to plant a tree”. This means the only alternative to pay the debt of our unconditional mother nature is to GO Green.

Apart from this, here are some quick tips to by which you could safeguard the nature –

1. Scale Back Car Use. Move to alternatives such as walking, cycling, car pool and public transportation. Excessive consumption of petroleum should be avoided which is the biggest reason behind the dreadful condition of environment. Reduce the amount of dangerous gases which are responsible for a large chunk of climate change. IndiaMART encourages this idea by providing common shuttle service to its employees, which minimizes the usage of petrol.
2. Keep track of the trash.
3. Shop with the environment in mind and use less food packaging. Avoid using polythene and move to products with minimal to no packaging or at least packaging made from recycled items.
4. Use of renewable sources of energy because it offers an environmental friendly option than utilizing fossil fuels. The trend of utilizing solar electric power has tremendously risen over a past decade.
5. Choose to reuse. Do not toss those take out containers, but reuse them barring some plastics that leach toxins when they are used for too long.
6. Aim to cut down on printed material and encourage on-screen communication and documents. Such as e-cards, emails, e approvals etc.

There are organizations that are strongly supporting environment and implementing techniques in surge of this great movement. IndiaMART, too, takes several initiatives which is well reflected in its providing great space to suppliers who sell a wide array of environmental friendly products such as: reusable bags; non toxic cleaners; solar panels and so on.

Let us pledge to contribute to bring harmony and equilibrium to our motherland. As it is very well pointed out by Bob Brown-“The future will be either green or not at all”

This should be a commitment that we make to ourselves and completely revamp our understanding on leading a life with a healthy and cleaner environment.