The IndiaMART Mobile App Mania

As someone has rightly said…

The cure for obsession is to get another one!

And it holds absolutely true in today’s world, which is filled with never ending options to choose from. One such craze turning into the popular culture of this century is – Mobile Apps.

Anyone who owns a Smartphone would know how alluring the mobile apps are. Whether the Mobile App is a game, a real-time map, a e-book or a shopping list, they have become the most commonplace in our society. But what has transformed this bare utility into a must have asset today? The answer lies in how the millions upon millions of mobile devices are in use today.

It happens all the time. Curiosity become obsessions… outings become overnighters… pastimes become passion… this is how Journeys begin!

When the Smartphones first hit the market, who would have guessed the extent of their utility, initially considered as a luxury, nice-to-have bit of technology, Smartphones were looked at as something that would only be available to the rich among us. The ever advancing technology and market competition made has it available for the masses. And with such a reach, it became easier for the marketers to market themselves with various mobile website and Mobile Apps.

Now that the trend of desktop website is fading and the era of Mobile App is at its peak, IndiaMART also jumped into this race. After all, these small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

Mobile App Mania @ IndiaMART

IndiaMART launched its Mobile App on the Android platform in April 2013. In the first year since its launch, the number of Mobile App downloads were mere 50,000, whereas, within the span of just another year the total number of downloads shouted 1 million. And then in the last month (May 2015), we broke all the records and the total number of downloads reached 1.5 million – Ain’t no stopping us now!

Alongside the exhilarating download saga, the IndiaMART Mobile App was launched for all the other platforms, i.e., iOS, Black Berry and Windows, declaring itself as an all rounder.  

Well, we have seen a lot happening around this trend. IndiaMART launched APPetizer, a scheme for the clients where a single IndiaMART Mobile App download was rewarded with five free Buy Leads. Now isn’t that a great deal?

We saw great enthusiasm among our clients… offering five free Buy Leads on a free Mobile App was like icing on the cake.

Delighted with the tremendous response on this scheme, another scheme on the same lines was introduced, called APPortunity, where the clients were rewarded with a gift voucher of (IndiaMART’s sister concern) on each download. Right from the moment of its launch, people did not miss a single opportunity to grab the deal. With this initiative our clients got a taste of both the worlds, IndiaMART Mobile App and’s service- A total Double Dhamaka!

The Mobile App fever caught on to the internal employees as well when the March APP Carnival was introduced. The madness spread from one employee to another with each download, as it brought loads of rewards and gift for them.

The employees of IndiaMART celebrated the new trend with APP ka Tyohar. To upbeat the craze of the Mobile App, an APP Ka Tyohar scheme brought never ending exciting offers for all the people who downloaded the IndiaMART Mobile App.

All these events and schemes created a lot of buzz in the Mobile App world and hence, IndiaMART Mobile App was listed as the No.1 Business App right after it joined the millionaire’s club with over 1 million downloads. Such great performance deserves some APPlause…. what say folks?

millionaire club

The journey till now has been very thrilling… let’s see what more is there in store…