Advance Rubber Makes a Success Story

In a month, we get two to four conversions on enquiries through IndiaMART. The flow of work and marketing has improved tremendously

Pravin Patel, CEO,
Advance Rubber Industries
Ahmedabad, 13th March, 2015

No one ever said it was easy being an entrepreneur. One needs the tenacity paired with the spirit to achieve.

Such is the story of Mr. Pravin Patel, the CEO of Advance Rubber Industries, who believes that one must always target high and also work hard towards achieving success. Nishan chuk maaf, pan nichu nishan nahi maaf”, he says. This Gujarati saying translates to “It is OK to miss a high target, but it is NOT OK to begin with a low target.

On Business idea inception & Starting out

Mr. Pravin Patel started his factory in the year 2002, prior to which he worked in his father’s factory and was engaged in making textile machinery. He used to observe the extensive usage of rubber rollers in the machines of the factory, which gave inception to the very idea of starting his own rubber factory. And thus began his story.

Connection with the employees

When an entrepreneur hires a new employee, he is not just bringing a new member of the workforce aboard, but he is also starting a new relationship. Mr. Patel believes that managing these relationships is vital to the success of the business, as strong relationships can lead to greater employee happiness and even increased productivity. “We care a lot for our workers, facilitating them in their financial needs, medical needs, and even social obligations. I care for my workers just like I care for my children”, he shares.

Becoming an IndiaMART Achiever

Even though Mr. Patel had trust in his company and products, there still was a need for a marketing push, which could help them achieve a desirable position in the market. “The sales part is easy, but the marketing part is tricky” and that is how IndiaMART came into picture.

So, Mr. Patel enlisted on IndiaMART about 5 to 6 years ago for basic cataloguing services and subsequently opted for the TrustSEAL. “Now we are their Star Supplier,” proclaims the IndiaMART Achiever.

“In a month, we get two to four conversions on enquiries through IndiaMART. The flow of work and marketing has improved tremendously”. The company increased its turnover twofold since its association with IndiaMART.