Kaam Yahin Banta Hai


India Television

Purpose of the ad:
To position IndiaMART as the preferred destination for buyers for fulfillment of all their key needs, whether business or personal.

The TVC provides an illustration behind the key communication ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’. It showcases the award winning actor Irrfan Khan as a well informed, smart and new-age employee of a manufacturing house, who is pretty confident that all his key requirements could be fulfilled through IndiaMART effortlessly, whether it involves ordering of fabric, office furniture, buttons used in manufacturing of shirts, or air conditioners, etc. Each time Irrfan needs to order something, he merely plays a tune and accomplishes his task before one may even know, thereby implying that finding the relevant suppliers/ sellers is as quick and easy on IndiaMART as playing your favourite tune. The film signs off with the brand thought “Indiamart.com – Kaam yahn banta hai”.


Media used:


Production house:
Handloom Picture Company

Creative team:
Prateek Bhardwaj, Aneesh Jaisinghani, Uddipta Borah, Pavitra Sharma, Anshul Nanda

Reat the story at http://www.indiantelevision.com/adlinx/y2k14/nov/adlinx_nov24.htm