#AaramKiTune Leads To ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’: IndiaMART’s Integrated Campaign

GenX i Social Buzz,

IndiaMART.com – India’s online marketplace, helps connect buyers with sellers. With the launch of their new integrated marketing campaign called ‘Aaram Ki Tune’, that started off with a stress-busting contest on their Facebook & Twitter accounts and then went on to creating a buzz on radio & finally led to a core brand message via their TVC – “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’. The campaign is on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Objectives –

  • To increase brand awareness & brand outreach.
  • To showcase the ease of purchase on IndiaMART.com

IndiaMART creates a pre-buzz with the element of curiosity on Social Media –

With the approach of a well-integrated marketing campaign, IndiaMART successfully managed to drive conversations around its campaign starting with a contest on their social media accounts. Their social media accounts witnessed huge engagement from their online community. With no mention what so ever of what’s coming up next, IndiaMART managed to keep its fans hooked on for more.


After the second phase got over, which was the revelation of their celebrity brand ambassador, IndiaMART launched the TVC.

Digital Launch Of The New TVC –

The serious actor – Irrfan Khan with elements of his well-timed humor showcases the ease of purchase one can experience on IndiaMART.com. With enough pre-buzz & engagement across social media platforms via a contest, followed by an interesting video showing people singing their favorite song, later being promoted on radio took off pretty well. Later introducing Irrfan Khan as the face of the campaign managed to raise the interaction levels even further.

The final digital launch of the new TVC showcases Irrfan Khan talking about how easily he manages to make super-quick & easy purchases. The TVC simply shows various occasions for which Irrfan Khan quickly gets work done, right from buying office furniture & ACs to buying party hats for this manager’s birthday party from IndiaMART.com, which adds up to the fun element leading to the core message towards to end that reads – ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’.

The entire integrated marketing campaign is a well placed piece as it engages the audience right from the beginning of an activity on social media & then goes on to build excitement amongst audience, so that they look forward to something big coming up. Finally the brand reveals how much of an ease it is, to make purchases and deals on IndiaMART.com, just as easy as it is to humm your favorite tune. The end message that the TVC leads the viewers to, is simple & to the point – “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai”, which hints the audiences to the idea of getting all the work done with ease only at IndiaMART.com.

The TVC smartly portrays the new age, well-informed, busy buyer who demands a hassle-free lifestyle, yet manages to fulfill both his personal as well as professional needs. So each time irrfan wants to get work done, even if that means to buy something as small as buttons, he logs on to IndiaMART.com to finish his tasks, before any one even finds out about it.

Listen to Irrfan Khan’s ‘Aaram Ki Tune’ now.

Closing Thoughts –

The campaign over all encapsulates a very well integrated marketing strategy, reaching out to as many consumers as possible across platforms, giving its audience enough reasons to be hooked on to it until the end. Using a mix of English & Hindi words, the campaign manages to strike the right chords of its audience, as fans feel more connected to the brand. Post the entire campaign it won’t be surprising to notice IndiaMART.com flooded with potential buyers lining up to the website across India.

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