Desol Associated Engineers

“We have received a large number of enquiries from IndiaMART and the phone has never stopped ringing.”

Mr. Suvinay Mathur, (CEO)
Desol Associated Engineers
Noida, 01st October, 2014

A crane sized victory

A market leader in a span of 15 years, Desol Associated Engineers has done wonders in the field of manufacturing industrial equipment. The man behind the success of the company in establishing its foothold in the market, Mr. Suvinay Mathur, today proudly heads the company with elan.

“We started manufacturing of overhead cranes and today we are into a lot of other material handling equipments. We are making customized equipments and are known for this it in the industry. This is our USP for which people contact us.” shares Mathur.

Conquering Hindrances
A mechanical engineer himself, Mathur has always faced challenges head-on. “The primary challenge we encountered was to install a crane in a very old building, which we managed to overcome successfully. We still maintain these cranes. Various other clients have also joined in, including Denso India, Honda Motor Cycles, Hindustan motors and Flex Industries,” He further recalls the tough times from the past. “Out of the many challenging projects, I still remember the project of Denso India, where they were facing a problem of black and oily smoke emitting from a machine. We could overcome that problem in 1/4th cost of their project, saving them 7.5 lakhs and giving a very good scale of achievement,” he says.

Catching up with the bigger fishes
In the digital age, every business, small or large, is setting up itself on the online platform as they come to realise the essence of a web presence. With a similar realisation, Mr. Mathur decided to promote his business online with the help of IndiaMART. “Online Presence makes a lot of difference in these industries nowadays. In 2003, when I registered for the first time on IndiaMART for a basic catalog, I was traced by a buyer and was given a very challenging product to develop, based just on a photograph. We are happy that we could make that product perfectly for them. Post this, we have received a large number of enquiries from IndiaMART and the phone has never stopped ringing,” comments Mr. Mathur.

Future: A planned phase
Ensuring a deep customer-satisfaction policy by the way of maintaining quality and safety of products, Mr. Mathur is keen on building a long-lasting buyer base on the online platform.“For customers we ensure that there will be no compromise on quality and the overall safety of the equipment as well as the operators. Thanks to IndiaMART, we look forward to new ventures in the future,” he shares.