Astha Enterprises

IndiaMART is the only reason which raised me to this position.

Ms. Hemlata Rajput (Partner)
Astha Enterprises
Ahmedabad, 05th June, 2014

Astha Enterprises: On Road to Prosperity

Started as a small scale business almost two years ago, today Astha Enterprises is a leading name in the material handling equipment industry. “I and my Partner, Digamber Rane, started this company two years ago. Here, we manufacture various types of material handling equipment like step ladders, drum handling equipment, pallet trucks, etc. When I started this business, I had a very small unit. But today, I have a large unit of 12,” says Ms. Hemlata Rajput, Partner, Astha Enterprises.

Initial Days
Despite facing hundreds of problems during the initial period, Ms. Rajput stood undeterred in her path. “In the beginning, I faced a lot of problems. But IndiaMART has helped me a lot throughout the tough times and helped the business survive. Today, I stand at this position only because of IndiaMART’s efforts,” shares Mr. Rajput.

IndiaMART Achiever
Having had various other options to explore, Ms. Rajput chose to go with IndiaMART. “Earlier, where I used to work, IndiaMART crew used to come

for different business purposes. I had decided, that whenever I start up my own venture, I too will seek assistance from IndiaMART. IndiaMART is the only reason which raised me to this position,” says Ms. Rajput.

Impressed with IndiaMART’s services, Ms. Rajput reiterates the reason behind her favoritism for IndiaMART, “At night when I carry out marketing activities, I give preference to the clients of IndiaMART. I get the maximum business out of their clients. Whatever business I get here, it is solely through IndiaMART. In fact, 80% of my business comes from this website.”

Future Growth
Coming a long way from a small business set-up, Astha Enterprises is in its booming period with buyers located all over the country. “When we started this business, we intended it only for trading purpose. Now we have also started manufacturing services. We supply the products all over India, including cities like Jammu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Orissa and Hyderabad,” shares Ms. Rajput.