Amity Polymers

We got major orders through IndiaMART. It has given us good exposure in the market.

Mr. Rajagopal D. S. (Managing Partner)
Amity Polymers
Chennai, 31st May, 2014

Reaching for the Stars: Amity Polymers

One of the popular names in the rubber industry today, Amity Polymers has made a tremendous progress from being a small business to being a significant supplier for rubber products. It is currently one of the leading producers of an impeccable range of rubber components, rubber profiles, extruded profiles, rubber sheeting, extruded rubber profiles, rubber pipe seals, rubber gasket, color gasket, anti skid mats, silicone gasket, rubber mounts, gaskets, rubber sheeting, cold vulcanizing adhesives and more.

Facing Challenges Head On
Meet the man behind the success of this company, Mr. Rajagopal D. S., Managing Partner, Amity Polymers. A technologist by profession and with more than 35 years of experience, Mr. Rajagopal started his venture almost a decade ago. “We started Amity Polymers ten years ago with minimum opportunity, working in small shifts and then we slowly grew to this level. Initially we faced many challenges. We had problems in getting trained manpower and getting models was also a problem to start with,” Mr. Rajagopal talks about his struggles in the initial days.

Being Friendly With Internet
With almost 88% Indian SMEs unfamiliar with the uses of technology, Amity Polymers is one of the few businesses which makes optimal use of it in their day-day business activities. “Internet is the main tool of our business. As I said earlier, all our communications are through internet. Interactions with the customer are also conducted over the internet. Very seldom do we sit with our customers these days,” he shares.

IndiaMART Achiever
Having seen numerous people deriving benefits from IndiaMART, Mr. Rajagopal was convinced to try it out himself, “As some of the people whom I know of having benefitted greatly from IndiaMART, I expected the same thing to happen to us.” The results were as good as expected. “We got major orders through IndiaMART. It has given us a good exposure in the market,” he says.

Optimistic about the Future
Considering all the accomplishments made in the past, Mr. Rajagopal is assured of a similar time ahead with IndiaMART’s support, “The most exciting thing is the growth we have achieved in the last 10 years. Another aspect of assistance received from IndiaMART is that we are able to do things according to our liking.”