Betala Canvas Company

Every business concern has a physical address but in today’s world you need to have a virtual address as well. IndiaMART is that virtual address for me.

Mr. Vikas Betala (Proprietor)
Betala Canvas Company
Chennai, 07th March, 2014

Betala Canvas Claims Success as Its Own

It was in the year 1968, when Mr. Vikas Betala started his dream venture Betala Canvas Company that has been offering water proofing goods as well as promotional items. His belief in being loyal and sincere in his business has earned him goodwill from clients which he maintains has been the foundation of his success.

Road to Success Was Not Easy
In this era of internet technology, one has to be abreast of latest happenings. “The challenge faced is to upgrade daily. Stand where you are and you need to keep running and we maintain this so that customer who have come to us find quality products, service and goodwill. These three are our pillars of strength”.

Government Initiative, A Boost
The government has helped greatly by imposing anti dumping duties which inturn helps them to sustain more customers. One of the concern of Mr. Betala is the volume of products the Chinese markets produce. He says “We have to deal mainly with Chinese markets and since our products are upto date we have been able to live to its strength. But China produces

mass volumes, so government is helping us by imposing anti dumping duty and we are able to give now at a lesser rate than our Chinese counterparts.”

One way to Reach Costumers – Marketing
These days internet is playing a vital role in business marketing and in reaching out to the target audience. Mr. Betala also took the same route to make a mark in the market and created his identity on internet. “We have to reach out to customers and as you know the net is playing a vital role. Now, we are able to reach our customers online as well as offline.”

IndiaMART Achiever
An internetpreneuer, Mr. Betala has been using the internet to his maxmum advantage which is why he is our IndiaMART Achiever. He says “Every business concern has a physical address but in today’s world you need to have a virtual address as well. People are so busy that they prefer finding business partners while sitting in their office. So IndiaMART is my virtual address.”