Imperial Malts Ltd

I had taken a catalog from which I later upgraded to website and then became a Leading Supplier. As of today, I have two websites with them and I am a Leading Supplier in major food category.

Mr. Sanjay Yadav (Director)
Imperial Malts Ltd.
New Delhi, 17th October, 2013

Imperial Malts Ltd. Tempts Fate and Wins

The Indian food sector is considered one of the largest industries in India owing to the production, growth, consumption and export. Anticipating huge growth opportunities in it, Imperial Malts Ltd. was established in 1981 with the view to cater to a growing industry. “My name is Sanjay Yadav. I am the Director of Imperial Malts Ltd. This company was started by my father in 1981. I joined this business in 1992 and I have been associated with it ever since,” says Mr. Yadav.

Growth Path
Over the last two years, the business has grown five times and profitability has grown by more than ten times. “We are looking to grow at the same speed over the next five years,” says Mr. Yadav.

Imperial Malts Ltd. is engaged in the business of manufacture of barley malt, malt extracts, malted flour food. “We have two units – one in Gurgaon and one in Pataudi. Currently, we are manufacturing 25000 tons of malt and 15000 tons of malt extracts from this unit. We are exporting our products to over 20 countries across South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa & Europe,” shares Mr. Yadav. Imperial Malts has a long list of clients, few of which are leading multinationals such as Glaxo Smithkline, Cadbury India, AB Foods in Thailand & China.

Eliminating Hurdles
The dependance on the beer and alcohol industry proved to be a hindrance in fully taking the growth path for Mr. Yadav. He shares, “This industry is a very challenging industry to serve to as the credit period is very long and the rates are very challenging. Over the years we have shifted our focus and we are now more dependent on the food and export industry for our customer base and we have found this to be a more lucrative business to cater to.”

Internet – Source of Business Generation
For Mr. Yadav, the Internet is a major source of business generation today especially for overseas markets. “For overseas markets, its very difficult for us to get access to each and every customer across the globe so internet is the only way we can expose our staff, our facilities and our products to overseas customers,” says Mr. Yadav.

IndiaMART Achiever – Strong Bond of Association
The belief in the online medium led Mr. Yadav to join He says, “I got to know about in 2010 and I have been a customer of theirs ever since. I had taken a catalog from them which I later upgraded to website and then became a Leading Supplier. As of today, I have two websites with them and I am a Leading Supplier of major food category.

He adds, “The major challenges we have faced for our overseas business has been to get our websites listed on Google and other search engines in the top two pages. has helped us to promote our websites.”