Sakaria Distributor helped me understand how to generate business through the internet. They have supported me in developing my business in terms of retail as well as wholesale.

Mr. Hitesh Sanghvi (Managing Partner)
Sakaria Distributor
Chennai, 19th September, 2013

Sakaria Distributor’s Commitment to Quality

Meeting deadlines combined with quality products proved to be the stepping stones to success for Mr. Hitesh Sanghvi who is the Managing Partner of Sakaria Distributor. This is evident from the compliment received from BHEL for providing prompt services to them. The journey that started in 2009 became unstoppable due to these efforts.

Start of a Journey
“I started my journey in the year 2009 with the firm name called Sakaria Brothers. We had a tie up with a company called Bihar Rubber Company. We saw a smooth growth till 2011 and then we decided to come up with a new firm called Sakaria Distributor. Earlier we had operations only in Tamil Nadu. Gradually we saw potential in other two states – Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and recently we have added Andaman and Nicobar Islands to our list,” says Mr. Sanghvi.

Facing Strong Competition
The biggest challenge that the company faced was the stiff competition from the corporate sector who had already made a mark in the market. “Our core product is wax and rain wax. Being in distribution, there were a lot of corporates who had entered into this market. So, the challenge was to capture the corporate sector where a big scope of potential lied untapped,” says Mr. Sanghvi.

He adds, “Earlier Duckback was known as Bengal Water Proofing. Now they have got split up into two – Bengal Water Proofing and Bihar Rubber Company. So I would say the major competitor would be Bengal Water Proofing and there are lot of other brand players like Zoom is there, Real then Zee.”

IndiaMART Achiever – Discovering Powerful Tool
It was in 2011 that Mr. Sanghvi joined and found a new way of conducting business. He realised that the world was moving from traditional to modern marketing tools. “A person from was in touch with me who explained to me the benefits and features of the online medium and how it would be helpful to me in developing my business in terms of retail as well as wholesale and also corporate industry. Because nowadays it is easier for corporate client to look for a product online rather than going into the market and searching for a product,” says Mr. Sanghvi.

Strong Association with
The association with helped Mr. Sanghvi get familiar with the online medium and also enabled him to understand the areas to focus on for better business development.