Essae Digitronics Pvt Ltd

We became a member of in 2010 and ever since they are helping us generate more business. More than 50% of our lead generation is received through

Mr. B.F.Thomson (Vice President – Marketing)
Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore, 22nd August, 2013

Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd.’s Growth-in-Motion

When you take an entrepreneur who leads from the front, put in a leader who guides and mix it with few drops of passion, you get Mr. Prakash Venkatesan. He is the CEO & Director of Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd and a man of steel who faced challenges and kept moving forward with the same fervour.

Sharing the journey and growth of the company with us is its Vice President-Marketing Mr. B.F.Thomson. He says “Essae Digitronics is a part of Essae Group. It started in the year 1965. We started our business with automotive components and then we diversified into electronic weighing systems, bar code scanners, printers and PCB assemblies. We have 11 manufacturing units in India – Bangalore, Pondicherry, Goa.”

Company’s Dynamics
The products manufactured at Essae Digitronics finds application in infrastructure, factories and general manufacturing, mining and metals, agriculture, sea port and toll gates. “Essae Digitronics manufacture truck scales. Our plant has got a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. In Bangalore, our plant can produce more than 150 weigh bridges per month. We have right now more than 5500 legislation and are more than 3000 employees working for Essae Digitronics. Our main business is weigh bridges and railway bridges, then we have in-motion scales – rail in motion and tuck in motion also.” says Mr. Thomson.

The weigh bridges that the company manufactures finds competition from a number of local players. “There are more than 100 local players in India. They offer at a very low price without any much of quality standards. That is the main challenge for us.” explains Mr. Thomson.

Business Promotion – Integrated Marketing Approach
At Essae Digitronics, one will find a perfect blend of modern and traditional marketing strategy. “We have more than 80 branches in India and we have more than 150 sales team working across the country. We also use the internet, call centres to meet our marketing needs. Since our products are capital goods, lead generation is very important. Now that internet is coming up and most people are referring to internet, I think internet business is now becoming very popular. People are using internet as a main tool to reach out to customers because it is faster as it can reach many places in a short time,” says Mr. Thomson.

IndiaMART Achiever
For its internet marketing needs, Essae Digitronics connected with “We became a member of in 2010 and our business is growing with them. I think now I can say that more than 50% of our lead generation is received through,” says Mr. Thomson.

He adds, “Since our clients are located in different places and practically our marketing people cannot reach all the places so is helping us reach many of our customers in a shorter period of time and is helping us generate more business.”