Rollz Material Handling Pvt Ltd

We purchased around 400 leads and achieved business of around 30-40%. has played a crucial role in our growth.

Mr. Anoop Madan (Owner)
Rollz Material Handling System Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, 16th August, 2013

Rollz Material Handling System’s Rolling Success

If one could put a face to hard work, determination and focus, that would be of Mr. Anoop Madan, Owner, Rollz Material Handling System Pvt. Ltd. His entrepreneurial journey speaks of a strong resolve and the will to fight every odd that came his way.

“I am a BA-mechanical engineer graduate from Bangalore university. I started my business in the year 2005 in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan with a very less capital. I reached here because of my hard work determination and focus. My focus has always been to establish a company, establish a name and establish a brand,” says Mr. Madan.

Scope of Growth
The reason Mr. Madan decided to enter this industry was because it offered a lot of scope for growth of not only the company but indirectly to the economy too. He says, “I selected this field because it has become part of all the industries and it helps industries to increase productivity and reduce the cost because of which cost of product reduces and it helps to balance the country’ economy also.”

Determination & Focus, Answer to Obstacles
But before Mr. Madan could properly announce his arrival, he had to go through hiccups at various levels. “During the journey I faced many problems with respect to political and government officials, and in retaining labours in this industry. So, I had to go through lot of hardship but with focus and determination, I overcame all the difficulties,” he says.

Internet to Become Marketing Behemoth
The internet penetration amongst small businesses has been slow but is gaining force. This is acknowledged by Mr. Madan as he says, “Internet can play a very big role in marketing in the coming years. It can reduce the marketing cost drastically. Nowadays the cost of transportation and communication is so high but the final product cost is coming down because of the competition so this can play a major role in selling the product and increasing the growth of the company.”

IndiaMART – Bridge Between Buyer & Seller
“ is becoming a bridge between a buyer and seller and really reducing the marketing cost but I really feel that in the coming 3-4 years it will really capture the market and B2B marketing will be the only solution all over India and rest of the world,” feels Mr. Madan.

IndiaMART Achiever
Gauging the potential that a B2B marketplace has for business networking, Mr. Madan connected with and has been using its Buy Leads service. “We have purchased around 400 leads and achieved business of around 30-40%. They have shared in our growth. We have got certain orders from Kanyakumari also and few from Kashmir too. So, we are getting orders from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and different zones.”

Next 5 Years at Rollz Material
The core values with which Mr. Madan started the journey has been imbibed by his employees too. He shares, “Because of our employees’ determination and focus we have become from a very less capital to such a huge group. Now we are looking to become the top leading brand in the industry in the next five years,”