AXYZ Automation

I find that has actually catered to industry specific needs and so the leads that come out of are very good in quality.

Mr. Vinod Srinivasan (Director – Sales & Marketing)
AXYZ Automation Private Limited
Bengaluru, 8th August, 2013

AXYZ Automation Streak of Success

In 2004, few Canadian owners and directors landed in India with the idea of developing software here. What they did not realise was that the path was soon going to change for them. “They realised that we had huge potential to sell CNC routers and similar products in this country. So, we started in 2004 by doing one exhibition in Bombay, the response was very good then we set up a small office. Over the years we progressed,” says Mr. Vinod Srinivasan Director – Sales & Marketing.

AXYZ Automation is a Canadian company, based out of Ontario Toronto in Canada. They are manufacturers of CNC routers, mainly used in wood working signages and different cutting applications. “We are a wholly owned subsidiary based in Bangalore and supply machines all across the country. We have one office in Bangalore and we are able to cater to all markets across India,” explains Mr. Srinivasan.

Challenge: Education and Competition
“The challenge that we faced was basically education of customers. They now understand but first three four years of our existence customers did not know what they can do. Also there were lot of cheap and low cost machines which are in the market. So, competition wise that was a challenge,” says Mr. Srinivasan.

AXYZ Automation has nine different industries. In some they don’t have any competition but in others, there are lot of Chinese machines which are low in quality and are at the same time low priced which poses real challenge for them. “In wood carving industry, we do face lot of competition with respect to Chinese products. Basically, there are different dealers who are our competitors,” says Mr. Srinivasan.

Association with
As a member of for the past two years, Mr. Srinivasan feels that the buy leads scheme has really helped them in their business. “I like the buy leads scheme that has where you just pay some money and you have credits and you can buy credits whenever you think its right. Its not like other websites where you send a whole bunch of anything that sounds similar whereas here you can look at a lead and then select it and then buy it,” says Mr. Srinivasan.

IndiaMART ‘Buy Leads’ Achiever
What has really benefitted Mr. Srinivasan in purchasing the buy leads is the fact that he does not have to sort through irrelevant and bad quality leads which goes a long way in helping his salespeople and saves time. He says “I find that has actually catered to industry specific needs and so the leads that come out of IndiaMART are very good in quality. Like I said before you have an option of selecting the ones you want and discarding the ones you don’t want.”