Biochem Pharma is not only helping us sell the products but even to source from the right company at right time. When I put a particular product on buy leads on, there are so many suppliers that approach us. For us, it means better bargaining power and better quality assurance.

Mr. Meghal Mehta (Owner)
Biochem Pharma
Mumbai, 18 July, 2013

Biochem Pharma Undertakes Healthy Journey

High on commitment is what best describes Mr. Meghal Mehta for his eleven year stint in a single company. He gained experience while working in the animal healthcare industry and turned it into an opportunity for himself.

Today he is driven by the aim of ‘Let’s create a healthy world’. “I am the owner of the company called Bio Chem Pharma. The company was started with the good vision of providing healthy medicine to create a healthy world,” says Mr. Mehta

Defying Obstacles with Conviction
An entrepreneur has to face multiple challenges and so did Mr. Mehta. But it was his clear vision and idea that paved the way for success. “There were many challenges during the journey. There are so many competitors in the market. We have to provide very good quality products with competitive prices to the customers and it was very much required for us to satisfy the customers at the optimum level. That’s what we tried to do. That’s what we will be trying to do in future as well,” says Mr. Mehta with conviction

Innovation Makes a Difference
At Biochem Pharma, the focus is on bringing innovation in their products. “Products for Bio Chem Pharma are sourced based on the marketing research, some of the new R&D like I must tell you that Bio Chem Pharma has a tie-up with a company which is situated in Hyderabad and is purely into R&D. We have a tie-up with them to find out new molecules and new products for our animal healthcare sector and that’s what we are doing,” says Mr. Mehta. Apart from this, Biochem Pharma has its own team to carry out research on new products in the market and finding cure for new diseases. “So, we are working on those kinds of products which can solve the problem of this particular disease in the industry,” adds Mr. Mehta.

IndiaMART Achiever – Source, Supply & Grow
It has been a long association with which has proved beneficial for Biochem Pharma. “When we submit some sales leads, we get so many enquiries from buyers. Suppose I want to search a particular product, when I put it on buy leads in, there are so many suppliers that approach us. It is very much beneficial for us to get ‘N’ number of suppliers for better bargaining power, for better quality assurance and this is the way is supporting us. They are not only helping us sell the products but even to source from the right company at right time.”