Anabond Limited

Today, on an average, we get 10-15 enquiries in a week. This is a good indication of the response we are getting from customers. So is helping grow our business.

Mr. Biju SS (Deputy General Manager)
Anabond Limited
Chennai, 8th July, 2013

Anabond Limited Seals Victory

Entrepreneurship is a risky proposition. There is no guarantee of success. Yet, there are millions who jump into it to experience the frenzy and succeed.

Risking a well paying job, Mr. J Vijaykumar left Kalpakkam Atomic Centre where he was working as a scientist. Sharing the journey of the company, Mr. Biju SS. Deputy General Manager talks about the beginning and what makes Anabond Limited a one-of-its-kind venture. “Anabond – Anabond comes from the word Anaerobic and Bonding. It was started by Mr. J Vijaykumar. He got these products developed and resigned from his job and he started this company in 1979. It was started basically to manufacture anaerobics and silicone products. We have now grown into a large company manufacturing about 13 chemicals of the products and 1000 grades of these products,” says Mr. Biju.

Clearing Hurdles with Credibility
The challenge for Anabond was neither local competition nor inexperience. “The challenge that Anabond faced was fighting import substitutes. So the credibility had to be established among foreign competitors. I am happy to say that today Anabond is recognised as a name in the engineering sector that is purely because of the hard work of the entire team,” says Mr. Biju.

Competition from Overseas
The uniqueness of the product that Anabond offers has reduced local competition drastically. “Our adhesives are being supplied all over the world and not only in India. Most of them are sent abroad. There are very few competitors who are within India,” says Mr. Biju. He also maintains that competitors in India are very small operators and are majorly involved in repacking and similar activities but in India Anabond is the largest manufacturer and the competition is mostly from abroad.

Internet, Force to Reckon With
While it has been almost three decades that the company was established, its leaders have ensured that Anabond does not get left behind and stays abreast of technological changes. “Today, internet is a major force in selling a product so we are now int the process of doing a lot of revamping in our websites and getting into lot of net marketing. Infact, itself is a net promotion idea that we have implemented recently,” says Mr. Biju.

IndiaMART Achiever – Association of Growth
“ is a good portal for people to search and we are getting lot of enquiries. Today I think, on an average, we get 10-15 enquiries in a week. This is a good indication of the response we are getting from customers. So it is helping grow our business,” says Mr. Biju.

Anabond has been selling to a very fixed market, the OEMs, but getting an enquiry from a new business is what has helped the company with. “We are getting a lot of enquiries. The expansion in business is happening through and that’s the role they are playing in this,” says Mr. Biju.

Customer Appreciation
An appreciation from a customer gives a sense of direction to the company for it then knows what it is doing right. For Mr. Biju, Maruti has shown them the path to move forward. He says, “Maruti is one of our closest customers. We have been continuously getting the best vendor award from them for our timely supplies and quality of the products. I think this is a very good compliment that we have got from our customer,”