Harith Avani Technologies

After we engaged with IndiaMART.com our business is growing from South India to North India. They have helped us connect with entrepreneurs for the growth of our business.

Mr. Ravi Kumar (Proprietor)
Harith Avani Technologies
Bengaluru, 17th May, 2013

Harith Avani Technologies’ Secret to Success

“Around 4000 litres of diesel is being saved every day from 10 hours of operation because of our systems,” a proud statement from the person who was accidentally introduced to this industry – Mr. Ravi Kumar, Proprietor of Harith Avani Technologies is today making the right noise in the market.

The company is working in collaboration with Research Agency and Institute which is based in Delhi. “We are into biomass energy dissemination. We have technologies from terry for gasifiers and bio mass based products,” says Mr. Kumar.

Fast Paced Growth
The company’s success can be measured by the leap it has taken over the years to reach to a position where it is comfortably registering a turnover of Rs. 1 crore. “We are a proprietor based company. Our turnover was Rs. 1 crore last year which we expect to increase to Rs. 1.5 crores this year. We have all facilities to manufacture our gasifiers system in-house and we have about 16 employees who are working with us,” says Mr. Kumar.

Opportunity Knocks on the Door
It was by chance that Mr. Kumar visited the Industry and Research Institute office in Bangalore. He says “At the time they were looking for a fabricator who could do some modifications at their sites. I showed interest in doing this work. Gradually, I learnt about the gasifier systems and their potential in the industry. And, after three years I got the MoU signed from them for fabrication of our gassifier system,”

Having acquired the expertise in this field, Mr. Kumar’s next challenge was to make people aware of the benefits of using gasifier system. He says, “The mindset of the people was very difficult to change from the usage of conventional system to move to the gasifier system. The gasifier system was a very new thing and it was a tough job to convince them.”

Solution to Marketing Challenges
At a time when Mr. Ravi was finding it difficult to reach out to markets, IndiaMART.com stepped in to help them overcome this. We saw a very huge potential in gasifier products and a large market for thermal application. It was not possible for us to do our marketing in all regions of India as we had a very small project. So, IndiaMART.com helped us to spread the reach of our products and our activities all over the world,” says Mr. Kumar.

He further reiterates why online marketing is crucial to businesses. “After we engaged with IndiaMART.com our business grew from South India to North India and from South India also different entrepreneurs have come in to join our hands for growth of the business. We have grown from Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore. We are now targeting Rs. 1.5 crores as our next stop. This is how IndiaMART.com is helping to reach different people and entrepreneurs who want to associate with us.”