Treewalker Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We have generated good business through They are really helping us acquire the domestic market.

Mr. Surjan Singh & Mr. Nikhil Chandra (Director)
Treewalker Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Bengaluru,16th March, 2013

Treewalker Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Climbs Stairs of Success

“If you dream big then you got to be very patient, you have to be very polite, you have to be very friendly with your team and you have to be focused on your target area and our target market.”

With this belief two young men together made their entry in the world of business. Their brainchild, Treewalker Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has since inception received accolades from clients who have shown interest in their services time and again.

Beginning of a Dream
“In the year 2008, we started our venture, Treewalker, from our home itself and gradually started with our services. We later introduced two of our products – one for the retail software that is inventory management system and another the hardware part also,” shares Mr. Surjan Singh, Director of the company.

Highlighting the kind of services Treewalker offers, Mr. Nikhil Chandra, Director, says, “We are providing complete end to end barcode solution to all kind of industries. The retail software, that we offer, is integrated with the barcode. So, we are providing complete package to our customers like software with the hardware. This is helping our customers to have one point of source for any kind of queries.”

Knowledge & Expertise – Two Levers of Growth
Their strength lies in their expertise and rich knowledge which have been the greatest support to them in all these years. “In terms of e-commerce, we have very good expertise. We have good exposure to e-commerce too. We have been working on Majento which is a good platform and nowadays most of the websites are developed on this platform. We have, now, started focusing on mobile application also. We are developing an application for a big company in US. These are key focus areas and other part is retail software which we have developed,” says Mr. Singh.

Rising from the Ashes
The road to glory had its share of pitfalls as is recalled by Mr. Chandra, “Whenever one starts a business, the biggest challenge is to generate business, promote products and services in the market which is what we faced and overcame.”

IndiaMART Achiever – Makes Domestic Presence Felt
India is the land of opportunities for the company feels Mr. Chandra because only 20-25% computerisation has taken place so far. “Our target market is India because India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.” To capture a major chunk of the pie, both the directors want to reach out to domestic market. The process has already started with Treewalker registered with “We registered with in year 2010, around May. Since then, we are getting good business through them. is really helping us acquire the Indian market.”