IndiaMART Introduces SmartSearch, a New Feature for B2B Buyers


Online B2B marketplace IndiaMART has introduced SmartSearch, a new feature that enables buyers search for suppliers in a fast and effective manner. This new feature is available on both IndiaMART search and Directory pages.

The SmartSearch feature aims to enable buyers to search for relevant supplier products and services within 100kms of their preferred location. With this IndiaMART aims to help businesses in discovering the right Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) located even at the remotest of location and assist them in connecting with the company.

Commenting on the new SmartSearch feature, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, said, “Internal research has shown that Indian B2B buyers prefer to transact first in the near vicinity of their premises and then expanding outwards as it saves logistical costs. One of the primary functions of a directory is to provide fast and relevant results. No one has the time to go through multiple pages of supplier data to find out who fits their location preference and hence the need for SmartSearch.”

If a person is looking for ‘agricultural equipment’ from Jamnagar in Gujarat, he will get a result showing businesses from Jamnagar and Rajkot, which falls within the 100 km radius. In addition it also highlights the top 25 cities with the most suppliers. The tool is extremely helpful in situations where no supplier is available within your desired location because in such cases it shares the nearest options. This could help buyers look for dense supplier geographies which could further help in better prices (due to greater competition).