Kanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

We have been asociated with IndiaMART.com for the past ten years and have not faced a single problem in our online marketing. The association has been fruitful to us.

Mr. J.K Gupta (Chairman)
Kanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi, 08th March, 2013

Kanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Achieves Pure & Natural Success

One thing that every entrepreneur experiences in his/her journey is ‘Challenges’. Without it, an entrepreneur’s journey cannot be complete. It proves to be a great teacher and in times of adversity, it is these tough decisions that help in overcoming the problems. This holds true for an entrepreneur who believes that issues hurdles are in fact stepping stones to success for every business person. Meet Mr. J K Gupta.

Kick Start to Challnging Journey
“Life is full of hurdles and those who are not able to face it headlong, cannot be termed an entrepreneur.” maintains J K Gupta, Chairman of Kanta Group maintains. An entrepreneur himself he witnessed several diffculties in taking his dream to the logical conclusion. “We face problems from the Government and market and also issues related to payment. But as a businessman its my duty to tackle these problems to the best of my ability and move forward,” adds Mr. Gupta.

Foundation Stone
It was in 1964 that the foundation stone was laid for the company and since then three generations of the family has worked in it. “Today, we have companies in 5-6 different places which are involved in production of all types of oils – natural essential, arometherapy, spice, carrier etc. In total, we have 150-160 people working with us and 20-25 people are in our management,” says Mr. Gupta

Internet & IndiaMART Achiever
From following traditional marketing to going the online way, it was not Mr. Gupta who introduced the internet as a medium for promoting his business. “My children are the ones who pursuaded me to try online marketing. They have been associated with IndiaMART.com for the past 10 years. These years of association have been fruitful to us and we have never faced a single problem since moving to the online medium,” says Mr. Gupta.

He adds, “In future, the internet will change businesses completely. The new generation will not recognise pen or pencil and will completely work online.”