Mahalsa Designer Doors facilitated reach to customers present in US & UK to a great extent by creating a website. It is much cheaper as we don’t need to send printed materials or brochures.

Mr. Vishwanath (Marketing Manager)
Mahalsa Designer Doors
New Delhi, 07th December, 2012

Mahalsa Designer Doors Creates Windows of Opportunities

Hand carving at its best! The first thought that will occur to anyone who visits Mahalsa Designer Doors premise. Intricately carved doors and other decorative items made from wood occupy every inch of its walls and floors. Amidst this, stands a man who has been actively involved in the promotion and marketing of the company, Mr. Vishwanath, Marketing Manager.

“Mahalsa Designer Doors is a unit that makes hand carved wooden doors. All the items are made of high quality teak woods. We specialise in custom made doors. We are unique in the sense that we are the only unit in India to make doors as per your size, design and your requirement. Our company was started by Mr. R H Nair. He is the founder and has been in this line for 40 years,” says Mr. Vishwanath. The total strength of the company is 20 people and most of them are hand carvers.

Uniqueness, a challenge
Hand carved goods are unique as it requires special skill and raw material to produce the item. Both are which a concern to Mahalsa Designer business. “As we make items out of wood, scarcity of wood has been a major constraint. However, we are overcoming that by using imported perma teak. Secondly, a major problem that we face is the shortage of labour. There are not many people getting trained in hand carving line today. Therefore, the number of people who are going to be available tomorrow will be limited.” says Mr. Vishwanath.

High points
Spanning a journey from a time when hand carved items were not accepted because of the price tag attached to it to a time when the demand sees a surge but the product is not available due to shortage of labour, the company has come a long way. “The best part in our journey is when we see a totally completed building/temple using our doors. We feel proud that we are being featured and has been a part of it in its creation.” says Mr. Vishwanath.

Industry’s roadmap
Being a growing industry, the company is excited to be at this juncture, says Mr. Vishwanath, “The industry is heading more and more towards specialisation and we hope to be a part of it. Currently, we are the market leader in the custom made segment. We want to move to the next line which involves less labour and become market leader there also.”

Helping hand from
For a business that has a larger base of its clients present outside the domestic territory, it was essential to look for a channel that met Mahalsa’s marketing needs at a lower cost. “Most of our clientele are non-resident Indians living in States and UK and the only way they could see our item was on the web. has facilitated it to a great extent. It is much cheaper as we don’t need to send printed materials or brochures,” says Mr. Vishwanath.

As an IndiaMART Achiever…
“IndiaMART is one of the essential marketing tools and entrepreneurship tools. More so because they give you professional advice. And the website is not only a website but a fully developed marketing mechanism,” says Mr. Vishwananth and because of this he considers it as the most powerful tool for marketing in India today.

With compliments…
The efforts put in by Mahalsa Designer workforce have earned them recognition not only in India but abroad as well. Their admirers are willing to go out of the way to recommend their great work to others. “One of the best compliments we got is from Bhartiya Temple of Troy. They recommended us to another temple in Woodland saying that these people will do a good job for you and went out of their way to put in a good word for us.” says Mr. Vishwanath with a smile.