India International Technical Recruiters each year comes up with innovative ideas to help us stay in the lead.

Col. Gurinder Singh (Managing Partner)
India International Technical Recruiters
New Delhi, 21st September 2012

Internet a golden business opportunity for IITR

A single thread that connects the entire globe today is the Internet. Millions log on to it for a host of different purposes – entertainment, news, information, business etc. Capitalizing on its benefits, India International Technical Recruiters (IITR) joined the bandwagon to stay ahead of its competitors and the result was extraordinary for the company. Its Managing Partner Col. Gurinder Singh is a happy man today who started the company’s operations in 1999. “Internet is one of the major mediums of reaching out to various clients. We use internet not only for reaching out to clients but also for sourcing our candidates. Internet has played a major role in all the businesses, especially the recruitment business,” he says.

Journey Begins…
Based out of New Delhi, IITR is a company that has had exceptional growth in the past decade and a half. “We are into international recruitment since 1999. We have a number of verticals specialising in healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, construction, hospitality and education faculties,” shares Mr. Singh.

“We started from 1 room with 2 consultants. Since then we have come a long way. We were working earlier only with one country and one vertical which is IT.” Today, the company is backed by 21 consultants working across 16 countries in 7 different verticals.

Competition, a Challenge
The struggles witnessed in early years of inception have dwindled for Mr. Singh. But, he is aware of the larger challenge of clinching the top spot in the industry. He is focusing all his energies on fighting to be the first in this rat race. He says, “India is a very large country. You will find any successful business finding a number of companies entering that business. Staying ahead of other companies is always a challenge”.

IITR found the solution to this problem in the form of new technology, more specifically the internet, through which Mr. Singh stumbled across the name of “We came to know about when we were surfing the internet. We found it to be a very advanced way of promoting businesses and we became its member 4 years back,” he says.

IndiaMART Achiever Personified
The reason for four years of continued association between IITR and is the nature of services offered by the latter that has helped IITR outshine counterparts. “ each year comes up with innovative ideas to help us stay in the lead. Ever since we have tied up with, we have found ourselves to be in the first part amongst all out competitors in the recruitment business,” shares Mr. Singh.

One thing that has become an integral part of IITR over the years is the advice received by Mr. Singh which is ‘Never compromise on your principles or ethics in your business whatever be the consequences or circumstances.”