Hira Holovision

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Mr. Kalpesh Ranka (Director, Marketing)
Hira Holovision
Bangalore, 14th September, 2012

Hira Holovision Shines Bright

Around 25-30 years ago, a company came into being that started off as a trading unit. Today Hira Holovision is widely recognised for its wide range of products that have earned them a host of trusted clients.

Phenomenal Growth
Amidst the sound of heavy machines and unwavering focus of workers diligently working to render the job at hand, one is greeted by a man that has taken the company to even greater heights and presides over the company as Director Marketing, Mr. Kalpesh Ranka. He shares, “We are a company called Hira Holovision based in Bangalore and we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of security hologram and allied products. We have a wide range of products for different customers which are basically customised as per their requirement.”

The growth in the past decades has been phenomenal, the success of which is written large on the company’s growth statistics. “Today we are a manufacturing company which have got many allied sister concerns and partners doing various businesses. We look forward to growing to a strong business in the future.”

Fighting off Challenges
According to Mr. Ranka, the hologram industry has huge potential and is a very good market as there are lot of counterfeiters. However, he maintains that it is a very challenging industry. “You will find a lot of complications and it is a very difficult industry as such. But its got good potential if you can handle these issues well,” he says.

He adds, “Our major challenge as a hologram industry is to evade duplication and counterfeiters and we are strictly against duplication and counterfeiting. We always fight to stop this.”

Going the Online Way & Becoming IndiaMART Achiever
Highly influenced by the advantages offered by internet, Mr. Ranka wisely invested in this medium to propel Hira Holovision forward. His association with IndiaMART.com is one of the results of such investments. “IndiaMART.com as such is a good platform for various manufacturers of different products. Overall, IndiaMART.com has helped in achieving our goals. We look forward to a very good, strong and long term relationship with them in the coming future. As an initial startup or in initial stages for any manufacturing facility, IndiaMART.com is a good platform for online promotion. It gives you good coverage, good platform to get new buyers and customers.”