Olympic Sportsware & Equipment Pvt. Ltd

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Mr. Akilesh Naga (Director)
Olympic Sportsware & Equipment Pvt. Ltd
Bangalore, 05th September 2012

Olympic Sportsware Strikes Success

One can not undermine the impact an advice can have on an individual. This is evident from the advice which Mr. Akilesh Naga got from his father Mr. Ashok Kumar – “be loyal, be ethical and be truthful to your customers”.

This built foundations of ethics for Mr. Naga which he follows to the tee till date. As the director of Olympic Sportsware Pvt. Ltd., he has steered the company to be ‘first among equal’ in the Indian sports industry. Impressively, Olympic Sportsware, headed by Mr. Ashok Kumar, has been fast gaining ground in a highly disorganised sports sector, where many players are fighting to stay ahead.

Speaking about the company’s success, Mr. Naga, Director of the company, says, “We are into manufacturing of carrom boards, table tennis tables, gym equipments, track and field equipments, billiards table etc. Recently, from the past 1 year we are into the retail sector as well where we have come up with a new brand name called the sports mall which is mainly into retail sector.”

Challenging the Challenge
Mr. Naga took on the challenge of ironing the crinkles out of the disorganised industry with Olymic Sportware. “This is a goods based industry so procurement of goods is the main challenge. Sports industry in India is supposed to be one of the most disorganised business where we want to put it into an organised way and give a different approach to the customers,” he says.

Building a Brand
Creating a name in a niche market is also a big business challenge. But Olympic Software was smart enough to realise what could stand out and give them a name in the market. Their sure way to get noticed in a market was with games such as carrom boards, which do not yet have a brand to offer. Mr. Naga took the bull by its horns and overcame hurdles by lapping up this opportunity. Mr. Naga says, “There are no branded carrom boards in the market so we call ourselves as one of the best carrom board manufacturers which comes with corrugated packing and we are very famous for carrom board.”

Being an IndiaMART Achiever
Impressed by the reference given to Mr. Naga by his friend, Mr. Naga decided to bring Olympic Sportsware on to the online podium and associated with IndiaMART.com. “We came to know about IndiaMART.com 2.5 years ago. It was through a reference. One of my friends referred me to IndiaMART.com. He said he is doing very good business through them. That’s how we came to know. They help us directly contact with B2C.” Olympic Sportsware has since gained ground and Mr. Naga is highly satisfied with the way IndiaMART.com has supported them in their endeavour. This makes him an IndiaMART Achiever.