Microsoft and Google trying hard to capture Indian market for their Cloud Services

Newspoint South Africa,

Cloud Computing is seen as the future with its market to grow to $15 to $20 billion by 2020. So it is not a hidden fact that the two giants of the computing field would go out unconventionally to capture an emerging market such as India. Google as well as Microsoft have been in forefront to dominate this ever-growing market. Although their working has been sought a different from each other, with both companies devising different modules in offering their products, this new war between them has shown that there are a lot of similarities between their cloud computing services. Both have been offering office productivity software, besides computer operating systems. Microsoft has also been a third aspect in this field and has been slowly spreading its wings.

Rajan Anandan, Country head for Google, acknowledged the fact that Google is the leading Cloud Service provider in India. He added that, “We have 200,000 businesses that use Google cloud solutions. We have orders of magnitude bigger than Microsoft”. Before joining Google Anandan was the country head for Microsoft.

Google has brands like Indian Youth Congress, IndiaMart, Indiainfoline, Flipkart and Sterlite Technologies under its belt while Microsoft boasts of logos such as Essar, Sporting Mindz, Idhasoft, and Gradatim.

Microsoft India, MD Sanket Akerkar that Google is basically a consumer oriented company which is trying to figure out how they can get into the enterprise business. He added that Microsoft has been a front runner in the enterprise business for a long time and has applied it to cloud computing.

The experts are really optimistic that with the increase in the competition companies would be forced to come out with innovative ways to capture the market.