It’s Microsft vs Google in cloud services for India,

With more and more large Indian corporations turning to cloud services, technology giants Microsoft and Google have started competing each other to grab a share of the market.

According to this report in the Economic Times, the market is expected to grow by $15-18 billion by 2020, and both companies want a larger slice of the pie.

Google is already fairly active in the space, having already sold cloud solutions to Flipkart, Indiamart and the State Bank of India.

However an undaunted Microsoft Managing Director Sanket Akerkar told the Economic Times, “They (Google) are largely an advertising company, which is consumer oriented. They have taken their consumer assets and are trying to figure out how they can get into the enterprise business It sort of doesn’t work. We have taken our enterprise class and put those on cloud; we think that’s a better approach.”

Google also hit back however, with its India head Rajan Anandan saying, ” “We have 2,00,000 businesses that use Google cloud solutions. We have orders of magnitude bigger than Microsoft”.