Relemac Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We have been using for many years and they have given us great clients and that too new ones. In that way it has been supporting us since 5 years.

Mr. Ankit Jindal (General Manager)
Relemac Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, 15th February 2012

Relemac Technologies Reaches Zenith of Trust with its Clients

Since 1993, Relemac Technologies Pvt Ltd has been through a roller-coaster ride to reach a position of repute that it enjoys today. Christened as Reliance Cables initially, it established many sister concerns under it which was then merged into one company as Relemac Overseas Inc. It finally gained ground when it was converted into a private limited company in 2010 and was re-named as Relemac Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Working for the past two and a half years as General Manager of the company Mr. Ankit Jindal shares, “Relemac Technologies was originally started in 1993 as a cable manufacturing company. Today, we have a wide range of cables that we produce in our company. From housewiring to instrumentation, control, data communication and fibre optic cable.” Even though the company faced many challenges on its journey, it embraced every hurdle with optimism. The positive outlook was rewarded with success. “We have recently started our plant in Kundli which has state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility,” says Mr. Jindal.

Some of the most successful businesses moved to online marketing to meet their promotional needs and the same was done by Relemac Technologies. “We found the best possible solution is online and was the best available at the time. We decided to give online marketing a shot,” says Mr. Jindal. This also helped them reach out to different markets all over the world. “Our main markets are India, Middle East & Europe. Within them, we have been successfully able to win clients such as Aditya Birla Group, Siemens, L&T, Lanco, GMR and many more.”

Hopeful of a long association with, Mr. Jindal says, “We have been using for many years and they have given us great clients and that too new ones. When I say new, I mean a no. of new clients that every business wants. In that way it has been supporting us since 5 years. We expect to continue with for many more years to come.”

What outlines the company’s vision is a well-thought out and a focused business plan for its future growth. “Our company is planning to grow five times in the next 3 years and that too without the support of, its not possible. That’s why we think is a part of our company that cannot be avoided or forgotten,” says Mr. Jindal. It’s quite clear that Relemac Technologies Pvt Ltd is set to derive full advantage of the benefits from online medium.

Before signing off, Mr. Jindal shares, “One important thing that I learnt from life is that never be afraid to try new things or make mistakes but do keep in mind to never repeat the same mistakes, otherwise, its of no use and can never succeed or go ahead in life.”