Vishv Vijay Private Limited has played a very important part in our marketing and sales promotion.

Ms. Mudit Mohini (Director)
Vishv Vijay Private Limited
Ghaziabad, 30th November 2011 Helps Vishv Books Script Success

A company that started eight years back, in 2003, leapt forward and turned into one of the most successful enterprises within a short while. Vishv Books, headed by Ms. Mudit Mohini, Director of the company, is one of the premier publishing and printing houses. Based out of New Delhi, the company has over 1500 titles to its credit. “We deal with all kinds of books which include fictional and non-fictional. We have huge variety of children books like story books, colouring books, activity books and all kind of innovative books. We also have games and now we are entering into CDs and e-publication.” shares Ms. Mohini. Apart from these Vishv Books offers women related, short stories and world classics to its readers. The company is an associate of Delhi Press Patra Prakashan Ltd., publishers and owners of titles like Grihshobha, Sarita and Champak etc.

Vishv Books’s rapid growth earned it a well spread infrastructure that includes 4 state-of-the-art printing centres and has 18 offices located across India. Today, it is known as an educational and entertainment centre, serving readers’ interest across all age groups.

But everything was not as rosy for Ms. Mohini as it seems. Coming from a slightly different background the company initially faced challenges. “Traditionally, we were into magazines. Main challenge for us was that we had to learn and unlearn what we used to do then and market, design & print differently for books. So this was the main challenge, first to find new market for books and also increase the no. of readers for these books.” shares Ms. Mohini.

What accelerated the company’s growth further was the decision to go online. “Books are now basically marketed through digitized medium, website and now we are entering into age of e-pubs and CDs which is easily marketed through the internet.” says Ms. Mohini. Internet has played a key role in their marketing activity and has become the mouthpiece for Vishv Book’s quality products.

The company was able to reach out to more and more markets across the globe when it associated itself with and eventually evolved as a major force in the publishing industry. “When I started the company in 2003, little after that, was also new at the time. Someone recommended it to me when I was about to start my website. It has been 7 years now and we have been associated with them ever since. is a very important part of our marketing and sales promotion. So they would obviously be playing a big role. There you can easily download books and can exchange books. You are connected to the whole world.” concludes Ms. Mohini.