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Since I am getting a good response from the portal and website, I want to continue this association with

Mr. Sunil Zalte (CEO)
Saz Boilers
Maharashtra, 16th November 2011 Takes Saz Boilers to the World

Sunil Zalte, CEO of Saz Boilers established the company in Pune in 1992. The company that today manufactures steam boilers, hot water generators, thermal oil heaters, heating equipment like burners, heat exchangers, and more, was commenced with a small capital. Since the manufactured goods were intended for use in industries such as dairy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and auto, and have several vast applications, the company thrived and saw gradual growth and success. From a turnover of Rs.3 lakh in its first year, Saz Boilers’ present turnover has reached about Rs.4–4.5 crore. In fact, this figure is expected to grow further to `5 crore this year. What started as a result of one man’s ambition is now driven forward by the combined efforts of 27 employees.

One of the key reasons for the success of Saz Boilers was the commencement of exports. The company started exports about 5–6 years ago, and has traded with nations such as South Africa, Greece, Malaysia, Yemen, Muscat, Georgia, Kenya, Nepal, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Sudan, Uganda, Niger, Dubai and Thailand since then. In addition, Saz also exports to Central America and the Gulf states. In fact, exports have been so healthy for the company that they once accounted for almost half the turnover. Due to the recession, however, exports have been sluggish and have since reduced to about 30–40% of the turnover. The company’s expertise and high-quality, defect-free goods have provided this global advantage. An ISO 9001 2008 certificate for the products, as well as an IBR license for manufacturing IBR boilers in India verifies Saz Boilers’ forte in this niche space. Since export markets are a priority in the company’s marketing endeavours, Saz Boilers depends heavily on internet marketing. Despite having few marketing people, Mr Zalte states that the company has perfected the process of attracting global inquiries without stepping out from the office. This feat has been possible with the help of Through portal and the website they created for Saz Boilers, the company has reached its target markets in India and beyond borders. This 4–5 year-long association between the two companies has enabled the use of the most pertinent internet marketing tools and strategies to make Saz Boilers a prominent search result in its category on the web and on

Web promotion and other marketing tools used by have enabled wide exposure for Saz Boilers. According to Mr Zalte, has also helped Saz Boilers in lead generation and lead conversion. The company has consistently received a good response through the online marketing initiatives in place and brand recognition has improved. “Through we are known within and outside India, and are getting business from here and abroad as well. I have already recommended to my friends, to help them augur their businesses. Since I am getting a good response from the portal and website, I want to continue this association with I have already renewed my contract for another three years and look forward to a lifetime bond,” he concluded.