Shachi Engineering Pvt Ltd. has good customer service. They maintain constant touch with marketing people. We have plenty of enquiries being generated by

Mr. MS Shanbhag (MD)
Shachi Engineering Pvt Ltd.
Maharashtra, 25th October 2011

Shachi Engineering Pvt Ltd Tastes Sweet Success with

Shachi Engineering Pvt Ltd was started as a consultancy firm, which later developed into a manufacturing company in 1998. The company was set up with an input capital of Rs. 5000. The company supplies solutions for industrial drying systems and allied technologies. It also supplies mixing equipment and provides specially-designed pilot plants to government agencies. In 2005, Shachi Engineering started its own workshop and now has a manufacturing facility with around 26,000 sq ft area. Their manufacturing units are located in Pirangut in the outskirts of Pune. The company’s turnover this year was around Rs. 10 crore, while the target for next year is set at around Rs. 20 crore. The company that started off with only four people has grown to employ 56 people. Fabrication work is handed over to contractors and sub-contractors, whose strength is around 40 people.

Expanding Scope
When Shachi Engineering first started over there was more focus on the state of Gujarat, which was fast-growing. In the last 4–5 years, the company is conducting increased business in North and South India. In addition to this, the company has been exporting to Sri Lanka and Egypt since the last couple of years. “Now, the Indian market is flourishing, and that’s where we are concentrating. If we can fulfill India’s demand, we will think of exporting,” said Mr. MS Shanbhag, MD, Shachi Engineering Pvt Ltd. In the future, the company is planning to diversify into effluent equipment plants for beverages.

Overcoming Limitations
The company has dodged several marketing problems during it journey. Initially, the company generated limited enquiries. Mr. Shanbhag explained, “People knew us from mouth-to-mouth publicity, a major source of enquiries generation. Such enquires were catered duly. But now most of the enquiries we cater to are mostly generated through the internet.” Shachi Engineering has had on board for the last eight years and the internet has become an indispensable part of their business. “We first started with some directory or catalogues pages. Now we have got 3–4 sites of Shachi Engineering, all promoted by We have invested in and now it is giving us fruits. After the association with, we have generated many good enquiries,” he said.

Realising Potential
With India expected to rise as a formidable economy in the coming decades, the importance of infrastructure in our industry cannot be understated. There is great potential, which must be tapped. “ has good customer service. They maintain constant touch with marketing people. We have plenty of enquiries being generated by Budding entrepreneurs should get associated with in their initial years. Once the website is established, there are chances of getting increased enquiries. As the site becomes old, there will be plenty of enquiries and business may be generated. We hope to continue our association with,” opined Mr. Shanbhag on the benefits of a potent partnership.