Marcuras Water Treatment (India) Private Limited

The promotion has been excellent and as a result of that, we have converted quite a few inquiries into business. Long-term customer relations have also been successfully evolved.

Mr. Amit Sahasrabudhe & Mr. Milind Bibibkar (Director)
Marcuras Water Treatment (India) Private Limited
Maharashtra, 19th October 2011

Marcuras Reveals’s Significance for Start-Ups

Marcuras Water Treatment India Pvt Ltd started in 2007 with a small group of people led by present Directors Amit Sahasrabudhe and Milind Bibikar. Marcuras started by subcontracting most of the work to other companies in MIDC Bhosari and Pimpri near Pune and by undertaking small jobs such as manufacturing skids for Thermax Ltd. But these operations grew, and putting together water-treatment plants for OEMs and end-customers became the focus of the company. Over the last five years, the turnover has doubled every year. What was started with a capital of `1 lakh, is now a `12 crore-company employing about 50 people. Marcuras is now exporting water-treatment plants to various countries and about 25% of its revenues are generated from its export business. Presently, it is also undertaking turnkey projects for customers like steel plants, pharma and power companies, as well as commissioning water and waste water treatment projects in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Over its tenure, Marcuras has seen dynamic market conditions in which customers became competitors and competitors became partners and customers. They have seen the exciting evolution of the water treatment business in India and dealt with every obstacle by employing innovation and malleability. The company has faced the dilemmas of all new start-ups—facing industry stalwarts, retaining expertise and manpower as well as dealing with fund raising and other financial aspects of business. However, through tough times, the company strove to live by an advice from the founders’ ex-employer Thermax Ltd that suggested they conduct their business with true passion and by tackling each challenge head on. With this credo, Marcurus has done better and its consultants now promote the company as one under whose leadership ‘grass does not seem to grow.’ Being young entrepreneurs, Marcurus’ founders recognised internet marketing as a prominent means for attracting customers from all across the world besides using traditional networking platforms like trade shows and fairs. This has enabled the company to receive much of its business through internet marketing. Although the company has a competent sales team in place, they appreciate the need to mobilise promotional activity through the internet, as is evident in their appreciation of IndiaMART. Marcurus has been associated with IndiaMART since 2006 and has greatly benefited from its intensive web promotion activities and customised sites and pages. Marcurus declares that they receive almost 100 inquiries a month through internet and a good number of these is converted into business. They also state that a majority of these are genuine and require to be simply followed up. Many inquiries also arrive from Europe and Africa, which has been displaying increasing potential lately.

Due to these factors, IndiaMART is an important tool for emerging entrepreneurs since they lack the necessary resources and manpower to promote and sell their products and services says Mr Bibikar. He believes that IndiaMART makes a company visible and enables quick and affordable lead-generation. The concept of IndiaMART’s ‘trust seal’ also plays a crucial role in lending accountability and trust-worthiness to a company and reducing customer anxiety, he mulls. Adding that the company is now working on product-specific websites with IndiaMART, Mr Sahasrabudhe sums up, “The promotion has been excellent and as a result of that, we have converted quite a few inquiries into business. Long-term customer relations have also been successfully evolved.”