Shree Krishna Dyeing & Printing Works is good at getting in touch with contacts which are genuine.

Mr. Praveen Sadh (Partner)
Shree Krishna Dyeing & Printing Works
Maharashtra, 12th October 2011

Indiamart.Com ‘PRINTS’ A Prosperous Growth Chart for Shreekrishna Dyeing and Printing Works

Shreekrishna Dyeing and Printing Works (SDPW) is a family business established in 1957. The company that was started as a process house for textiles exporting later evolved as direct exporters in the year 1974. Today the company is exporting practically all over the world. SDPW has its own in-house warehouse where much of the quality assessment is carried out. It has its own specialists for checking garments, meeting the final standards for exports and packing, on its payroll. With manufacturing units in old Delhi, UP and Jodhpur, the total employee strength in the organisation stands between 150–200 people. For over the last decade, the company has conducted zero domestic business. Their export-driven turnover amounts to US$ 500 million at present, and is expected to improve under favorable market conditions.

Hitting Bulls-eye
SDPW exports to several countries across the world, including Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Pacific Australia, Latin America, the Caribbean islands and most of Europe. The company therefore thrives by maintaining cordial relationships with its overseas associates. “We still have buyers who are dealing with us since 1974,” pointed out Mr. Praveen Sadh, Partner, Shreekrishna Dyeing and Printing Works. These relationships help immensely today since competition is not just with other Indian exporters, but also with those in China. He added, “There were also some hurdles with the export policy—some difficulties in procedural things.” But Mr. Sadh believes that his business depends more on product sales than other things. That the company has resolved its issues is clear in its ten Best Export Performance awards from the Government of Maharashtra and three awards from the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council.

Marketing Acumen
To successfully market its offerings, the company believes in the traditional route of travel. However, in the last decade, they have embraced technology and signed on with Mr. Sadh explained, “People from got in touch with me about 10 years back and explained how they can help me promote my business online. And I found that it could be very interesting for our business as back then, there were very few people on the net. So I thought that it is a good platform to promote ourselves and have more products online.” The company received a good response. “However, when everyone started jumping into the bandwagon, we came up with new things like catalogues, new website ideas and tried to stay ahead with,” he added.

Spreading the Word
SDPW has several portals maintained by “Recently we got three more websites for different products. We are in touch with their executives so they can help us grow more in this field.” Mr. Sadh believes that can augur similar growth for other entrepreneurs as well. “ is better than the others. is good at getting in touch with contacts which are genuine. also takes part in trade fairs, where they try to promote their member exporters. If buyers can be informed of what we are doing and what is going on in our country, then that will definitely help us a lot,” he concluded.