Regal Sales Corporation

Executives from also advise us from time to time regarding what we can do to boost business.

Mr. Jayanti Lal Mehta (CEO)
Regal Sales Corporation
Maharashtra, 7th September 2011


Regal Sales Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial raw materials such as pipes, tubes and several other fittings. Its products are used in petrochemicals, power, heat transfer equipment, fertilizers, dairy, refrigeration, metallurgy, fabrication, pharma, paper, cement, transformers and electrical appliances, among others. The company’s current turnover is about Rs. 10 crore, and this figure is expected to grow to around Rs. 15 crore in the next year. Mr. Jayantilal Mehta, Partner, Regal Sales Corporation hopes that this target can be achieved as a team. The family business which was started by Mr. Jayantilal Mehta’s elder brother, Mr. Nemichand Jain, MD, Regal Sales Corporation, has two branches now, in the cities of —Hyderabad and Indore. The company’s production unit is located are Silvasa, Gujarat.

Eliminating Hindrances
Like all companies, Regal Sales faced a number of challenges at its inception. “We had problems regarding the initial finance, and especially those concerning expansion; so we have had to work very hard. Today, we are entrenched in the Indian market. We have already covered 90% of markets all over the country. We started exporting in 2008, and are looking at increasing exports. The company is a member of various metal associations and a true believer in quality over accolades. IPCA Laboratories, a significant client of the company has shown appreciation to Regal Sales for its excellence in service and quality, and the company considers this its true achievement.

Another challenge the company faced during growth was that of connecting with prospective clients. “We used to do door-to-door marketing,” says Mr. Jayantilal Mehta. But, the company saw a turnaround in 1995, when they came onboard with Mr. Mehta stated, “I came to know about through an advertisement in the newspaper. Based on recommendations, we decided to go with There is tremendous competition in the metal market. is significantly helping us beat the competition. The enquiries that are being generated from are very genuine. We are getting 50% of our business through the internet and we are more recognizable now.” Lends the Edge
Along with the growth of infrastructure, demand will surge in the metal industry. All the projects that will appear in India over the next few years will need suppliers. In today’s world, most people surf the internet for leads and ideas. Mr. Jayantilal Mehta opines that presence through can help companies like his to connect with potential customers. And the fact that has become a popular site helps. Mr. Mehta said, “Executives from also advise us from time to time regarding what we can do to boost business. They help us in customer relationship management and retention by keeping us updated on new technologies and innovations as well as suggest products that are in demand.”

Owing to these factors, Regal Sales recommends to entrepreneurs. Mr. Mehta surmised, “We have a great reputation in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. They know us by our brand name there. In achieving all this, has been a great help. So we will continue to be associated with in the future too.”