Shivam Narrow Fabrics

I would advice new entrepreneurs to immediately tie up with, as it can give them the right exposure across the world.

Mr. Asan Varyani (MD)
Shivam Narrow Fabrics
Maharashtra, 31st August 2011


Mr. Asan Varyani, MD, Shivam Narrow Fabrics started his company in 1993, after breaking away from his family business. The company caters to different industries including garments, jewelry, piping and mattress industry. He started small with two machines, very little capital and earning a yearly turnover of only Rs. 25 lakh. Various changes in the company’s offerings’ portfolio allowed Shivam Narrow Fabrics to be unique in the industry and kept it ahead of its competition. What started with products that his industry counterparts would not offer, gave him a distinctive edge over them, and attracted reputed clients such as Zodiac, Pepe Jeans and many others. Some of the offered products are made in-house, while others are traded. A workforce of 25 workers and about 10 staff members presently earns an annual turnover of more than Rs. 4 crore for the company.

Avoiding Hurdles
The company has ingeniously avoided the hurdles of competition by plainly avoiding them. Mr. Varyani commented, “In our industry, according to me, there are no competitors of us. The reason behind this is we always do something very unique, which nobody else is able to do now. They might copy it later on, but then I change my product.” For instance, the company is now producing car seat-belts. “I have received a very good advice from our clients. They say that we should be efficient and deliver goods on time, which we do. That’s why we have been successful,” he said. The company is also exporting to European countries like France and UK, as well as USA and Australia.

Harnessing a Potent Tool
Mr. Varyani also believes that in this age of globalization, the internet is a mighty tool for whosoever decides to wield it. He elucidated, “I don’t have a single sales person in my factory. We market our products through the internet and receive all our orders via the internet only. When approached us 6–7 years back, we were not very confident. But I am very happy with the result of website created by has brought me very valuable customers. Because of them, we could start exporting our items. People have started knowing us and we have created a very good image among Indian customers. Today, I am associated with and it is definitely going to be a life-long relationship.”

Facing Competition Head-on
For our industry, China is a big competitor. There are a large number of people offering the same products there at low prices. Yet, China is gradually becoming costlier. Mr. Varyani opined that this is therefore the right time for to provide the right kind of worldwide exposure through its network to us, so that we can grow faster. “I would advice new entrepreneurs to immediately tie up with, as it can give them the right exposure across the world. They will immediately start getting enquiries regarding their products, and they can eventually achieve their business objectives,” he advised to new businessmen.