With, we have a website presence, and the websites are also being promoted. We are being able to connect and trust leading suppliers and that is helping our business.

Mr. Devendra Chheda (MD)
Maharashtra, 24th August 2011


When Mr. Devendra Chheda, MD, Europack returned after his post-graduation in Germany, he established Europack and decided to take the company to unprecedented levels of growth. The challenge was to start from scratch and inject innovation and technology into the business. The company that commenced in 1993 now offers a wide range of packaging solutions, catering to engineering, pharmaceutical, automobiles as well as nuclear power and defense manufacturing units. Today, Mr. Chheda’s ambition has quadrupled the company’s workforce of 25 to more than 100 people. The current turnover of the company is around Rs. 8 crore. With significant orders in the pipeline, turnover is expected to touch Rs. 25 crore in the next two years.

Strengths and Ambitions
The company faces some local competition. However, its competitors do not have the same kind of network and reach as Europack has. According to Mr Chheda, “There are very few people who do the kind of work that we do. So we do not worry about competition. We have our strengths in our labourers, supervisors, managers, and in the technical knowledge that we have. Since we regularly visit global fares and exhibitions, we have a wide range of customers, each with unique requirements. Fulfilling these requirements is a major challenge for us.” A prominent past project of the company was successful completion of packaging work for shifting Tata Nano plant from Singur, West Bengal to Sanand, Gujarat. Thus, the company benefited from its nationwide reach and is now looking at overseas markets.

Connecting Businesses
Europack has traditionally depended on the internet for conducting its business as well as marketing. In addition to marketing through portals, the company has also advertised in newpapers and other mediums such as literatures. However, in the last 7 to 8 yrs of the company’s association with, it has experienced gradual growth. “With, we have a website presence, and the websites are also being promoted. We are being able to connect and trust leading suppliers and that is helping our business. We are able to source many things from itself. We have more products and clients, so we have been further developing our relationship with,” said Mr. Chheda.

Gaining the Edge
Every industry that manufactures goods requires packaging. There has been immense investment in various fields of automobiles, large manufacturing companies, various kinds of power generation plants, pharmaceutical industry and others. So, the scope of packaging is correspondingly very high. In this context, is using IT tools to give companies a lead by constantly updating and adding new things to companies’ website and the site. “We are being able to learn and procure new customers from such efforts. It helps us bag new deals. My advice is to go ahead with is very good at retaining customers. They will sort out your issues and take you where you want to be,” added Mr Chheda.