Google bets big on cloud computing for India

The Economic Times,

Google held its Apps Roadshow recently to showcase the benefits it can offer to businesses who decide to go Google. Doug Farber, enterprise managing director (Asia Pacific) revealed that about 96% of its total revenues come from online advertising, a figure the company is keen on changing and that is where the Google Enterprise Apps come into play. Worldwide Google charges its customers a fee of about $50 per month for each user and although a similar pricing is available for India the retailers here offer discounts and make the price even more attractive.

A few big names who have recently shifted to Google’s cloud computing include the Indian Youth Congress, Neelkamal, Indiamart and Punj Lloyd. Executives from Neelkamal and Indiamart were present at the conference and highlighted that the security offered by Google is much better compared to the conventional servers and that switching to Google Apps has not only made their workforce more efficient and connected but also brought down operating costs.

Farber stressed on the fact that cloud computing can prove to be a major growth driver for SME businesses since they wouldn’t have to spend a big chunk of capital on buying hardware and maintaining it. As organizations grow scalability becomes a harder to manage issue on conventional systems but cloud computing offers a lot of ease here since expanding on the cloud is relatively quick and cheaper. Such has been the expansion of Google Apps that a new business somewhere in the world signs up for it every 14 seconds.

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